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August 2001

DHTML hover effects - a little experiment in mouseover dynamic object manipulation I made last night.

pup wrote on 2001/08/21:
that's freaking dope, man. i am inspired.

mark wrote on 2001/08/21:
It doesn't work in Mozilla 0.9 :-(

milov wrote on 2001/08/21:
mark: i've been working on that. effects 1 and 3 now work in Mozilla, sort of.

a quick google search for moz event model info turned up this helpful site:

pOw wrote on 2001/08/21:
Bijzonder geinig, komt vast wel 's van pas... keep up the good work!!

pOw wrote on 2001/08/21:
agos m'n overLIB werkt niet meer, puzzel de puzzel, enig idee?

pOw wrote on 2001/08/22:
Al opgelost, blijkt met de volgorde van de scriptjes te maken te hebben :)

low wrote on 2001/08/22:

wrote on 2001/08/22:
hover effect in Moz is funny
keeps shaking..