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August 2001

Test your hacking skills at Clever stuff. Educational even. I'm currently stuck on level 5 (.exe-based login, hmm). [via Weblog Wannabe]

huphtur wrote on 2001/08/28:
oof, im sketched out, what if its a zombie prog for DoS attacks or a virus? If it is, i'll see you in court milov!
(level 4 was easy with NS6 + sun java2)

huphtur wrote on 2001/08/28:
they also got humor...

Level 6 (NOT !)
Did you really think it would be this easy ? Go back and try again !

huphtur wrote on 2001/08/28:
hehe.. got it.. level5 was funny
but now im stuck at 6.. bah.

jpk wrote on 2001/08/28:
wow, i didn't think i could do it, but now i'm also at level five...but i'd better get back to work now :)

jeewee wrote on 2001/09/15:
Hmm.. level6 here too.. how many levels are there?

Addict wrote on 2001/10/27:
Level 5 was easy..i'm stuck on level 6 now.
btw i think there are 15 levels.
please someone help me with level 6

Chris wrote on 2001/11/15:
Lets work together, I know on level 5 the strings are being encoded, to AlmostAHacker ISNT the username, so iguess a VB decompiler is required?

All this +48, perhaps it is +48 ascii value? (me tries)

Chris wrote on 2001/11/15:
Haha! Just did level 5 - I am sup4 r33t! heh. :?

Well it was easy - just the same as the java one. Rather than hex edit it though - you must decompile it, and work out some mide values.

I guess you could guess that from the hex code.

I won't spoil it for anyone further though :D

gj3t05t wrote on 2001/11/21:
i am stuck @ 4, also the java aplet aint loadin so i iz really p1553d off!
plz help!

[e] wrote on 2001/11/26:
level 5 easy
use a VB3 decompiler
altho. rules do not permit me to tell u where
it doesnt stop me saying how!
get ya vB3 decompiler, run it on the exe, look at the BAS, FRM, and relevent files...
Or boot it into VB3 and change the values

Amnesiac wrote on 2001/11/29:
Where can I get a VB decompiler?

xabot wrote on 2001/12/27:
Yeap, i am stuck on level 6, it took me about 4 hours to do level 5, but ive been on level 6 for 3 hours so far, and have gotten no where. Do i need VB for this? i cant decompile it, i dont know where to begin!

NuAngel wrote on 2001/12/28:
Same here, stuck on 5 because I can't find a decompiler... does Dodi's VB4 decomp. work for VB3 files??? Hrmmmm...

NuAngel wrote on 2001/12/28:
can somone just NAME a VB3 decompiler?

NuAngel wrote on 2001/12/29:
LvL 5 finished... but level 6 is rough!!
Here's the BAS file that you need for level 5. The answer's in there, but you'll probably have to sit down with some pen and paper! :) That's all I can give you, and I'm doing it only because finding a VB3 decompiler is hell anymore.

wrote on 2002/01/07:
hey come on i'm in second level, so if you are so smartiez, tell me answer to level 2,
thankz u

scaw wrote on 2002/04/12:
Just download the .swf file to your computer, and open it with Notepad - The Username and Password will be right in front of you.. ;)

Spaszi216 wrote on 2002/04/13:
Theay were all easy but 6 is very hard!!!

me wrote on 2002/04/25:
what is that encoded in?
where abouts do i gat VB3?

I'm a lamed... damn, oh well :D

wrote on 2002/04/25:
level 6... how?

Sub wrote on 2002/07/29:
WARNING: I'm about to give u all the url for level six. it's really hard to get there but do what ever u want....

dux wrote on 2002/07/31:
on leve 6 you need a packet sniffer

wrote on 2002/08/14:

wrote on 2002/08/14:

me wrote on 2002/08/15:
the level 6 password is OutOfInspiration
you gotta decompile the exe i dunno how i just got sum 1 to tell me :P

unknown wrote on 2002/08/16:
someone please tell me exactully how to beat level 2....please..

Nameless wrote on 2002/08/17:
ive been hacking for about a week now....and I dunno what the hell a .swf file is. So can someone help me out please. Thanks

Noldor wrote on 2002/08/18:
.swf is the Flash Movie file. just download it from the site... the url will be or something similar. Once downloaded, rename it in .txt and open with notepad. search in the code and you'll find user and pass.

pigster wrote on 2002/08/20:
hmm have level6 data by packet sniffing but it is encoded hmm maybe need some brain activity not only tools ... :((

wrote on 2002/08/21:
heh, you people are funny, I made it to level 9 on that stupid thing, and gave up because I couldn't be bothered wasting anymore time on it, forget about it, it's pointless and teaches you nothing.

wrote on 2002/08/24:

wrote on 2002/08/30:
I need help on level 3 =\

Frustrated wrote on 2002/09/01:
I be stuck on lvl 3 also, I DL'd the source and that was BS, now I"m trying to find a way to DL it as a web archive without useing my browser... =P Any sugestions?

Frustrated wrote on 2002/09/01:
Whoot, got lvl3, DLed the Javaclass for lvl 4, now trying to find a compiler to open the sucker in for winblows (my SuSE machine is on the Fritz)

wrote on 2002/09/09:
how do i pass lvl 3??

Matrim wrote on 2002/09/11:
for level 3:
download and open it with notepad.

Banan wrote on 2002/09/12:
Yes, for lvl 6 u need a Packet sniffer, and then need to decrypt the login.

I'm stuck on lvl 7, any ideas?

TheLord wrote on 2002/09/20:
Banan: how can i decrypt the login (i already have it, just i can't decrypt it)

Kaastosti wrote on 2002/09/20:
I can understand people posting the BAS file for level 5, since finding a VB3 decompiler is a quest on its own. So I read on and on and suddenly people are posting solutions and even passwords to next levels...


Also saying that you need a packet sniffer for level 6 takes away a whole lot of research from a 'hacker' to break it. It's not level 6 for nothing... it's harder and you need to find out how to break it.

This posting of spoilers and solutions is lame. If you really want to help, just point people a little in the good direction, don't spell it out for them.

Sorry for the sortof long post, but I can't help it. Things like this piss me off.

TheLord wrote on 2002/09/20:
i did the 6th level. u need sniffer and than the file (i want tell which). the file is encrypted. try to decrypt it (remember: we have google to, it may be standard encryption, which is used over 400 years ;]] )

nameless wrote on 2002/09/28:
Damn!! I havent been fuckin wit try2hack for nearly a month...or since I last posted....Im at level 6...and this is hard. So im gonna go and TRY to figure this out with all you other geneiouses

... wrote on 2002/09/29: <spoiler spoiler>

nameless wrote on 2002/09/29: <easy way to beat it...right click and save target...then look for string wit user name and pass>

MAS wrote on 2002/09/29:
WHat's up...

i'm up 2 level 5...does any1 know where 2 get a vb3 decompiler?

Jakke wrote on 2002/09/29:
Ok the one that said that on level 2 u just select save target. IT DOESN'T WORK FOR ME.
What should i do?

milov wrote on 2002/09/29:
Find the .swf in your Temporary Internet Files and view it with something like Notepad.

nameless wrote on 2002/09/29:
UGH!! THE DAMN LINK AINT WORKING....I dunno why it aint working

anon wrote on 2002/10/04:
vb3 decompiler:

wrote on 2002/10/11:
SUM1, ive decompiled the java applet in lvl4, and i dont no how 2 transl8 the fyle, sum1 just hint? i wanna work sum of it out...

tva wrote on 2002/10/12:
U need packet sniffer in lvl4... just look for http data and u'll see login & pass...

alikaz wrote on 2002/10/13:
i got the bas file from one of the posts here but how do i get the pass and user name?

gangsta wrote on 2002/10/16:
I also don't now the pass for lvl4, but I can't find good packet sniffer. Where can I get that?

mehmeh wrote on 2002/10/17:
i did level 2 before
but now the link is not working for the .swf file
what shall i do?

<h1><marquee><font color=lime>erghh wrote on 2002/10/20:
erghhh to easy

wrote on 2002/10/23:
Level6: The VB prg downloads p.lv6 from the server, it contains the username and password. Decrypt and login. :)

dex wrote on 2002/10/25:
hooi! where can i found a vb compiler?

wrote on 2002/10/26:
can someone just post the pass for lvl 2?

fuzy wrote on 2002/10/26:
heh, you kids think any level on is hard? if you want to see what real hacking is, try your luck at

Teknoid wrote on 2002/10/29:
instead of asking ppl what the answer is, or where the answer is, try to actually learn for yourself. if you dont know what .swf file is, go learn. thats the idea of this sport. what fun is it having the answers laid on the table for you.
and yes, lvl6 needs a sniffer

Teknoid wrote on 2002/10/29:
DEX: hooi! where can i found a vb compiler?

try using a search engine. they are under-rated, and under-used! (search engines that is)

try2hack wrote on 2002/10/29:

catch up with the rest, get the cheats!

teedeekay wrote on 2002/10/31:
anyone have any good hints on level 9 the very last part where you have to exploit the bug in the bot?? i could really REALLY use some help on this one...

Kernel Mustard wrote on 2002/10/31:
On level 6, I know what decryption was used, and so finished it, but I was just curious if anyone knows why that encryption is missing what it missing.

holdcore wrote on 2002/11/01:
Hi! You can make level5 without a vb3 decompiler, too! Little hint: winhex...

5p1d3r wrote on 2002/11/01:
Wow, it's cool to see that other people are wasting their time with this too:) I've actually learned alot so far.. I've only done lame trojan 'hacking' before... anyways, Good luck.. :)

ninja wrote on 2002/11/07:
I am at level 6 now, kinda hard but i am working on it :-)

ninja wrote on 2002/11/07:
well, make that level 7. The password and username for level 6 i have, but im stumped on level 7 now.

ninja wrote on 2002/11/07:
well, i did it. Last night i beat all 10 challenges. :)

Chris wrote on 2002/11/07:
For those who need help with level 6 I'll give you a hint. It would be a good idea to find a packet sniffer

adaken wrote on 2002/11/09:
could U tell me where I can find a vb discompiler please? thank U!

NuAngel wrote on 2002/11/13:
Decompilers impossible to find, but the result would be this .BAS file:

I won't tell you what you need to do with it though. That's up to you.

And those who don't know what an "SWF" file is, please don't even pretend to call yourself a hacker. Hackers aren't crackers, Hackers are those who can push a system to it's limits, who know what their machine is capable of, who knows the ins-and-outs. Not just people who can open "ShockWaveFlash" (SWF, duh) files in a notepad. ;)

cubafreak wrote on 2002/11/13:
What's the hell with level 6, i got the link from the vb3 program in level 5 but it doesn't work.
Anyone knows what's happen??

NuAngel wrote on 2002/11/18:
hahahahhahaha!! Sorry... ;)

Let's just say it's not that simple. I told you I was giving you the .BAS - NOT telling you what to do with it. Let's just say the answer is not right in front of you. You have to put your VB skills to work.

zack wrote on 2002/11/19:

i did these before but now they changed the levels. whats a good packet sniffer to use? =p lol i remember i have to decode using shakespeare's abba babba crap.

cubafreak wrote on 2002/11/21:
"Let's just say it's not that simple. I told you I was giving you the .BAS - NOT telling you what to do with it"
If you said that because of my post..., i say that i found the real user and pass playing with the Mid of course, just the link that the program give when i enter the "correct" user and pass doesn't work.

Nck P wrote on 2002/11/23:
Level 6 -- I've gotten the username and password.... but I just can't find any decrypter??? I've also gotten a virus because I downloaded a lot of bogus programs. Why can't anyone just give me a link to the decrypter? -- Please.......

Jared Codling wrote on 2002/11/28:
i cant tell you exactly how to do level 6, but i can tell you that you send to the server, it sends back to check validation and so forth, so you need a packet sniffer, this will give you an encrypted line of text including the correct username and password, you need to decrypt that, put the line of encrypted writing into google with " and " on wither side of it, and search for this, this'll give it to you easy, another hint, the encryption is a very famous type of encryption, very commonly used.

test wrote on 2002/11/30:
this is just a test
to see if line breaks are converted

Betrayer wrote on 2002/12/03:
Well, I have some bug problem with win2kSP3 where no packet sniffer seem to detect my dial up conection (56k)
any ideas?

thehorse wrote on 2002/12/04:
well, i just got past level 6, so i figure i'd give you all some help out on it.Use a packet sniffer, get the encrpted file, and the hint is that's encrypted using "Baconian Encryption"....Real Easy after me for help with other levels!!!Happy Hacking!

CoCoNut wrote on 2002/12/07:
The guy all jazzed about the link not working doesn't realize its part of the challenge... geeze.

Teq wrote on 2002/12/09:
Got up to level 6 but now im stuck. Where can i get a packet sniffer from?

MBB wrote on 2002/12/09:
What does Mid means?

user wrote on 2002/12/11:
the site wont load for me and the pw for lvl 2 Try@hack and nokiaisgood doesnt work

me wrote on 2002/12/12:
You already have flashlevel2.swf on your computer

user wrote on 2002/12/13:
where im using xp, and in search for files and folders it found nothing

blaa wrote on 2002/12/16:
Level 4 is complete mindfuck, at least for me. Could someone give me a hint?
I'm not familiar with java, so should I read about it?

err wrote on 2002/12/18:

V354 wrote on 2002/12/27:
You people are so funny. Here are some hints....

Lev 1 - Duh
Lev 2 - Well D/L SWF and Notepad it
Lev 3 - Learn a little Javascript and notice the src="Javascript"
Lev 4 - Decompile it and now learn vb (Mid(string,start,length)) =)
Lev 5 - It helps if you have linux otherwise use a sniffer in windoze and then decrypt some simple encryption.
Lev 6 - Well im not gonna spoil anymore, i gave you all enough

- V354

V354 wrote on 2002/12/27:
sorry i missed one, its hard remembering them all. Move level 4 to 5. On level 4 use a java class decompiler, then learn java. I used mocha.

Maxxx wrote on 2002/12/28:
for all those too stupi to figure out level one the answer is h4x0r, and level two- username: Try2Hack Password: NokiaRocks!

Maxxx wrote on 2002/12/28:
If anyone feels like teaching me something useful tell me how to hack into another persons comuter, if you know anything about it get my e-mail adress, you should know how, and e-mail me

Maxxx wrote on 2002/12/28:
As a subject put HACKING

z wrote on 2002/12/28:<h1> lalala

Delta4ce wrote on 2002/12/29:
alright level 3 java script i know cause i have a website but when i put in the web browser it doesn't work! why??

thrack wrote on 2002/12/30:
i need answer for level 4 (password ( username

medi wrote on 2003/01/04:
Name: Try2Hack
Pw: EasyApplets

medi wrote on 2003/01/04:
javascript and JavaScript is not the same ;D
.. that's the right link ;D

medi wrote on 2003/01/04:
sorry, it's

Gimp wrote on 2003/01/08:
I gort stuck on level 1
i poot my norm passward (gimp) but i went to disneylarnd?
but i want there last yar?
i dnt undarstannd ffs!11!1

1337h4x0rd3wdr0x0r wrote on 2003/01/09:
Quit giveing answerd to the newbies!!!, its something they must learn by themselves...Btw...anyone have the answer to #5?? Knowing what to do, and how to do it are two different things...stupid winXp, VB...pain in the ass...Sassa frazzen..<censored>

Gimp wrote on 2003/01/09:
whay dunt u jost go ta disneylarnd?

SiLvEr_ReNeGaDe wrote on 2003/01/18:
Fudge no kiddinin this challenges are sooper easy!!!!
but i'll give you hitns but i'll be very vague but in any case you wont learn shit from these challenges anyway (besides how to look for stuff in other places)
1.Use you brain and guess otherwise goto and take the html tut.'s real easy its already on your comp. (you c when on the internet your "windows" saves every site you visit) unless otherwise stated look for it and try regedit (love when begginers mess up their windows ;)
3.View source if you have explorer
4.ditto i think caught on this because i don't now wtf they were tryin to throw vb3 proggies in for. havn't ever used it so anyways find out!
6.sniff'em also use wdsm32 and try that but whatever.
7.if you got past six then chances are you don't need my help cause your prolly wanting to figure out yourself now!....have fun and remember it's supposed to be challenging...

markmeister wrote on 2003/01/20:
Level 7? pff! I'm currently stuck on level 19, no wait, level 20. Does any body know how to antidisestablish the bi-configular of z(2). Does it have anything to do with the complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor, or is it just me? hahaha, no only kidding.

DeX wrote on 2003/01/21:
Check It out.. im at level 7 and today i got to level 8... quick question tho, anyone know where i can find another one of these challenges... they are kic azz

stormbringer wrote on 2003/01/22:
I'm on level 9 !
but it's down ! :-(
anyone knows when it'will be up ?

PIMP wrote on 2003/01/23:
how do i do level 4

PIMP wrote on 2003/01/24:
Done it. Now level 5. How the hell do i do that..

Lonyq wrote on 2003/02/03:
OMG....this thing is sooo friggin i put in the and password in lvl 2, and the link dun take me NE where. WTF?!?

neonblue wrote on 2003/02/03:
email me for help on level 7...i tried telnet. didnt work.

NuAngel wrote on 2003/02/19:
Please note:
the Level5.bas file has moved (the file is STILL there, but I do not know when they will erase it). If you still can't decompile it on your own, and you need the .BAS file, it can be downloaded here:

Again, though, I'm only providing that to you because decompiling the program can be difficult... but I'm NOT going to tell you what to do with that file. Good luck!

<><> wrote on 2003/02/20:
My level 6 dont open after i finished level 5....any idea?

crc wrote on 2003/02/22:
replace with .nl

Ruud wrote on 2003/02/22:
hmm, stuck @ level 6,

MeNSaKeZ wrote on 2003/02/22:
in level 6 use a sniffers?

wrote on 2003/02/24:
for the n00bs, think outside the box (think about how you can see the passwords or change variables). and for gods sake, go to a computer class, basics of technology at least. try to find one that will fill you in on the fundamentals for web development, search google for HTML tutorials or JavaScript tutorials. SysAdmin is somthing to look into -- best search engine on the web

ArMaGeDdOn wrote on 2003/02/25:
Yes. Level 6 was rather hard. But it's quite easy. Don't even think about decompiling. level 6 and 7 separate the wannabe's from the actual "almost" hackers.

CeLlIs wrote on 2003/02/26:
whats the username for level 2 on i stuck?

wrote on 2003/02/28:
you do need a packet sniffer for level6... here is where you can get one from:
and no, dont ask for the username and pass, think about looking at the source of the flash file... it IS on your comp;)

TheJest wrote on 2003/02/28:
Level 2, open up the swf in notepad, you can open it directly from their site, just use http:// infront of it... then look around in there for pw, if you try it, and it doesn't take you anywhere then it wasn't the right one.

Crimson Shade wrote on 2003/04/11:
I cant belive half of u people, Kaastosti is right and the other guy above him. Level 5 and below are the easiest levels i have ever seen. if u cant do them i sujest getting a few books to read (i mean good books) and people that cant pass level 2 i feel so sorry for u.

Note to people some of the above info is old

Mike wrote on 2003/04/13:
Level 6 is kind of not working right now:


Level 6 and up are currently out of service, try again later!

h4x0r wrote on 2003/04/14:
U guys Suck! im at lev 19!

me wrote on 2003/04/15:
i got through level 5 in about an hour.
level 1 - too easy (use your brain)
level 2 - ditto
level 3 - just download the source (not in browser)
level 4 - search for "Java Decompiler"
download the .class file (like #3)
level 5 - search for "VB3 Decompiler" in google (one of the first five results should have it)
level 6 - says its out of service? (maybe have to do something weird, but i'm have to work now)

p.s. - to learn how to find exactly what you want on the web check out

me wrote on 2003/04/15:
level 2 - search for "flash decompiler"
either look in temporary internet files for level2[1].swf or download level2.swf like in #3

to download any actual file use something like wget or iczelions http downloader

me wrote on 2003/04/15:
just so you know - none of this so far (up through level 5) involves any actual hacking. just think about it and read anything relevant you find.

btw - is an awesome site for anyone who really wants to learn

ypod wrote on 2003/04/18:
Please help me with level 4..

>>F-T<< wrote on 2003/04/18:
hmm, im stuck @ Lv. 4.
Name+Password... how can I get it?
I got the Code from the Decompiler "Cavaj 1.11" but I didn't find any Hints for the passwort. It looks like they were include by annother Data, but I couldnt get through it. Maybe it is because I don't understand much of Java, but maybe my Code is wrong.

That is the File, that I decompiled, but I really don't find something. Only a Code for the Username and Password, but it does not make much sense for me. Maybe you can complain it to me, how I can fix it, or you can send me your decompiled Version.

bill wrote on 2003/04/26:
peoples what is the answer to level 2 please tell me.. or ill cut off ya heds (:

name wrote on 2003/04/29:
i really need help on lvl 3... plz give a detailed explanation

l33t-h4x0r wrote on 2003/04/29:
click start, search or find, type in level 3. when your computer finds the file, just click on it and the password is there

JustANoob wrote on 2003/04/30:
If ya want to give advices for what is a hacker or a cracker or a lamer.. go to another place!
Just because, if you find this thread its only the reason that you (like me) wanted a hint for solve some kind of problem heheheheh

Now the hard thing
Im really sad that level6 is out of service :( and that was because i find this thread...


P.S. Questions on level 1 and 2 are really noob questions and if you were stucked in this level dont go any further and learn before (at least how to see source code in I.E.) make any question...

133t-h4x0r wrote on 2003/05/01:

Bob wrote on 2003/05/03:
Ya I's a big thing to learn HTML.

no1 wrote on 2003/05/04:
why i am still getting the error404 when i want to go on this link?? And how i have to download it ? Can some1 plz tell me that :|

no1+ wrote on 2003/05/04: i mean

Sub wrote on 2003/05/04:
Why i am still getting an error404 by level 2 when i want to download....

Sub wrote on 2003/05/04:
i know what the problem was (Y) Im now on level 3 :S:)

guy wrote on 2003/05/05:
um, i'm at the prob with sniffer... i can't find that aaab encoded thing you guys talk about... also, the webmaster changed all the passes and everything so maybe that could be it... all i get is headings and hex... any hints or help would be appreciated...

guy wrote on 2003/05/05:
also... when i decode the vb3 prog with dodi, (because i'm not familiar with this) i get an 'please save *.frm into .txt'. so i change the file into .txt but the message keeps coming. i just do whatever and i get my .bas file but now it doesn't have the 'constant abcdefghi etc' thing. and the password was different from what you guys had... if someone manages to do this again, did your bas file have the abcd thing? thx

zn3zman wrote on 2003/05/06:
I beat 1-3 very easily. However, I don't know any type of Java for level 4. If the password was actually in the .class file, then I'd think it would stand out because of their humor. Is the password in the class file or is it elsewhere?

my name wrote on 2003/05/07:
dont even trip dawg

necroticon wrote on 2003/05/07:
look, if you ppl cant get past lev 3, u dont deserve a computer. it took me around 30 seconds to whoop level 1, 2, and 3. im stuck on lev 5, coz vb3 is so old, i cant find a decompiler.

guy wrote on 2003/05/07:

for those who need a vb3 decomp...

epandi wrote on 2003/05/10:
I'm now at level 6 and completed level 1-5 in 30 minutes; quite easy.. now waiting for the next levels.

no1 wrote on 2003/05/12:

w2b wrote on 2003/05/18:
i´m stuck on level2..i got the .swf file and opened it with notepad. now i already have the username and passwrod, but after typing them suddenly appears this:"Please enter password for level 3". what´s wrong ? please give me a hint...

JPEG wrote on 2003/05/18:
Ok, i just beat level 2, but then it asks for for the password to GET to level 3? i looked at the source and everything, i'm stuck.

JPEG wrote on 2003/05/18:
Because level 3 asks you for the password, it doesnt even allow me to get tot he source of the level 3 page. people keep saying look at the source. Unless they mean look at the source for level 2 to find the password for level 3, then i dont know...

nooger wrote on 2003/05/18:
Level 1:password = h4x0r (if you didn't get this, stop right now while u are still ahead.)
Level 2:Login=try2hack
Level 3:I am having the same trouble as JPEG.

w2b wrote on 2003/05/18:
I think I need some help on level 3...

w2b wrote on 2003/05/18:
I got this, but it doesnt help too much...
<script language="JavaScript">
pwd = prompt("Please enter the password for level 3:","");
if (pwd==PASSWORD){
alert("Allright!\nEntering Level 4 ...");
location.href = CORRECTSITE;
else {
alert("WRONG!\nBack to disneyland !!!");
location.href = WRONGSITE;
</script> to continue??

Smiff-n-Wessun wrote on 2003/05/19:
You see, there are two different JavaScript codes there.. One (the first one) hidden, and the other (second one) shown to fool dummies...

Put this into your Address bar.. And it will reveal the code for the first javascript code... I.E. Showing the pass..


SOmebody wrote on 2003/05/19:
I have the pass en the username of level 2 bud i cant find the pass to level 3 PLEASE HELP ME!!!

SOmebody wrote on 2003/05/19:
How can i decompile? (i'm now in Level4)

SOmebody wrote on 2003/05/19:
Btw this is the link 4 the pass of level 3:

Jack1205 wrote on 2003/05/20:
The Level 4 .CLASS file does not decode right any help. I am useing XP

Asphyxsia wrote on 2003/05/21:
1 0wnZ j00 4ll!
2 hours and i got to level 6!

M@ wrote on 2003/05/21:
Im stuck on level 4, ive got the .class file, but i cant find any java decompilers, and the source 4 it in notepad is all gay n jumbled, ne help?

jen wrote on 2003/05/22:
is level 6 really down and outta service or am i meant to get around that?

distortedvision wrote on 2003/05/24:
K i managed to get through to level 4 ok and ive decompiled it but i dont know java very well so i dont understand it all. I dont see the username or password in the java source and i dont see it requesting it from somewhere else someone give me a hint ?

Chris wrote on 2003/05/24:
Level 2. I've got the .swf file and opened it in notepad but I get a load of illegible bollocks. Theres two parts where it says txtUsername adn txtPassword but the stuff after that is just squares and squiggles! Any clues?

distortedvision wrote on 2003/05/24:
hey chris i opened it in word and its easier to read i think it was either just next to or just below where it syays txtusername and that there will be some squres and squiggles then some legible text just copy that text for the username then u can do the same for password

Chris wrote on 2003/05/24:
Excellent! cheers matey, onto level 3

distortedvision wrote on 2003/05/24:
im stuck on level 5 i really know nothing about visual basic and what runtime to get or really anything about it, could u give me a few hints as to what to actually do ?

distortedvision wrote on 2003/05/24:
ok i got all this done now and decompiled but in the .bas file i got a username and password but it doesnt work are these "fake" to put u off or should that be the right ones ?

keith wrote on 2003/05/26:
heh, this try2hack is good fun.. unfortunately i don't think i'll make it past lvl 6, got the rest with some pretty elementary coding skillz.. have fun, don't spoil it for the rest ;)

LOKI wrote on 2003/05/27:
lvl get yourself a decompiler and and look around. simple

NakedPope wrote on 2003/05/27:
Neat stuff, really like the level6 challange. Off to download explorer 7.66 ;)

Pelle wrote on 2003/05/27:
download a free java decompiler at: (1.7 mb)


Pelle wrote on 2003/05/27:
download a free vb3 decompiler at:

tRiKe wrote on 2003/05/27: has way better challeges (and a lot more of them). Go check that out.

Hmmm wrote on 2003/05/27:
Everything up to Level 6 proved to be very easy. Kinda gave up afterwards. Got tediously boring. =/

Stainless wrote on 2003/05/28:
lol took me about half an hour to get to Level 6. I just couldn't be assed to get through ANOTHER vb file. I hate VB :(

H4xa wrote on 2003/05/29:
wer do i get a packet sniffer for lvl6?! i had a few but no fekkin idea how to use?! HELP PLZ?!

guy wrote on 2003/05/30:
i used ethereal from

Dark wrote on 2003/05/30:
Like what the fuk is up with level 5?? I got through the rest easy enough, and I ran those numbers through, and it gave me a username and a password that didn't work.
Username: Try2Hack
Password: OutOfInspiration
both of those didn't work?? like what the fuk, can someone help me??

Dark wrote on 2003/05/30:
o, and for level three, notice how the password thingy is javascript??
go to
and it will give you the username and password

Daudalus wrote on 2003/05/31:
Im stuck on the script prompt for level 3 help please!

quen wrote on 2003/05/31:
check ur cookies 4 the script prompt

quen wrote on 2003/05/31:
oh yea - where i get a vb3 decompiler?!

Ian wrote on 2003/05/31:
VB3 Decompiler @

c00za wrote on 2003/05/31:
YES!!! i just did level 7. now just another long wait until level 8:(
i think im addicted...

sneak wrote on 2003/06/01:
I need help with level 6, i am not requesting the password i just wondered if anyone has any bright ideas as to what program to use to find out the username and password, i am unable to get hold on a visual basic 6 decompiler and have heard of using a packet sniffer, but i cant get the information from the packets. can anyone suggest any tools? thanks


Martin wrote on 2003/06/01:
How can someone ask for level 1.
Are you a programmer or what.
First learn some programming.

I'm in level 6 and that's hard .
And that sniffer is not working

jk wrote on 2003/06/02:
Lots of people seem to have trouble with 3, so I'll get you started. When the password box comes up, click cancel. This makes the "WRONG, back to Disneyland" message box appear. Hover your mouse over your browser's stop button. Press enter to close the message box, then IMMEDIATELY click stop. Voila. Access to level 3. And, whaddya know, there's a line that reads:
<script src="JavaScript"></script>

Come on, people. This isn't hard, and you shouldn't be asking for help, at least not for 1-4. btw levels 1-4 can be solved with nothing more than your favorite web browser. Also, if you can't get past level 4 at least, please do NOT refer to yourself as a hacker.

necroticon wrote on 2003/06/02:
man, if any1 out there has to ask for passwords or anything for levels 1-3, ur pathetic. Sell ur comp, u dont deserve it.

Level 4 - i can understand if u need a bit of help.

Level 5 - im stuck, but it wont take much longer.

necroticon wrote on 2003/06/02:
this is just here so i can get a working link to

cos i cant be bothered writing a html page just 4 that.

Inanimate wrote on 2003/06/02:
Lol.. Im at level 6 now, starting to get hard now!! To solve level 5 u need a VB3 Decompiler.. such as "".. search for it.. there you need to put the level 5.exe and use those apps in vbdecomp and extract a mak file.. open the mak file with the program and use the same program to open level5.exe as text (TXT) and try to solve it from there ;)

nukabu wrote on 2003/06/03:
anu one on level 7 yet??

h4x0r wrote on 2003/06/03:
I'm now on level 7 but don't know where to start ... ;p

Nastassia wrote on 2003/06/04:
Past 7, stuck on 8 :-( don't know enough xhtml, I guess

spuitbus wrote on 2003/06/05:
Level 7 :\

Edje wrote on 2003/06/06:
I'm stuck on level 7, I know you have to use telnet or something to fool the page around but I'm not familiar with telnet, some can help me with telnet?

Moo wrote on 2003/06/06:

test wrote on 2003/06/07:

JD wrote on 2003/06/07:
Im still fucked @ level 4. I have the decompiled class file right here and there aint no passwords in it :( any ideas?

Ophielle wrote on 2003/06/08:
Stuck on level 4 ? want some cake ?

for level 5 theres a decompiled version being given away lmao !!!

(you will need to kno virusl basic ;))

so for level6 *snores* i hope this gets harder email me with ne questions guys / girls


not a hacker an advanced computer user

Ophielle wrote on 2003/06/08:

Ophielle wrote on 2003/06/08:
does finishing level 6 make me *dabomb*

Ophielle wrote on 2003/06/08:
Level 8 and up are currently out of service, try again later! ...seriusly ?

WillEastbury wrote on 2003/06/08:
Edje, look at your packet scanned request from the last level, edit it and send it via a telnet client . . . . That should get you started with this one. . . . . . . .

BillyBob wrote on 2003/06/09:
peeps stuck on level 4 - you don't need to decompile any Java class file! Check your temporary Internet history and open a few files that may be related to level 4 then check your Roux ;)

Token wrote on 2003/06/10:
Ophielle, for lvl 7 how did ya connect to it through telnet? wuts the ip cause it doesnt work for me :\

Morpheus wrote on 2003/06/12:
wut should you edit WillEasyBury? Does Referer need to be added in?

hack_man wrote on 2003/06/15:
Can anyone help me with level 7?
It's very fucken... What to do?
...MSIE's a very bad joke...
Any ideas???

UnSuperDuck wrote on 2003/06/16:
ive been on lvl freakin 4 for 2 weeks already, and i get no where, anyone know what the freakin login and password are?

Burk wrote on 2003/06/17:
I'm on level6... I just can't figure out the encryption.. is it becasuse I haven't slept for a very long time or am I thick.. Why am I asking you?

Quentin wrote on 2003/06/17:
im on level6, i tried a packet sniffer but none seem 2 wrk! ne1 got ne tips?

683554 wrote on 2003/06/18:
some of you people are absolute morons. Especially that guy having trouble with level 1. And stop complaining about the uname/password to level 2. Do you realize it might be there to fool cluless people like you!? It also gives you the level 3 link.....

bobo wrote on 2003/06/19:
for level 4 you do not need to decompile anything...that is just a waste of time....There is another lot quicker my friends. I passed levels 3 and 4 in the space of 30 seconds.

Free Kevin wrote on 2003/06/20:
what to do from here : On level 4, after I decompiled :

import java.applet.Applet;
import java.applet.AppletContext;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.ActionEvent;
import java.awt.event.ActionListener;
import java.util.EventObject;

public class PasswdLevel4 extends Applet
implements ActionListener

private URL finalurl;
String infile;
String inuser[];
int totno;
InputStream countConn;
BufferedReader countData;
TextField txtlogin;
Label label1;
Label label2;
Label label3;
TextField txtpass;
Label lblstatus;
Button ButOk;
Button ButReset;
Label lbltitle;

public PasswdLevel4()
inuser = new String[22];
totno = 0;
countConn = null;
countData = null;
inURL = null;
txtlogin = new TextField();
label1 = new Label();
label2 = new Label();
label3 = new Label();
txtpass = new TextField();
lblstatus = new Label();
ButOk = new Button();
ButReset = new Button();
lbltitle = new Label();

void ButOk_ActionPerformed(ActionEvent actionevent)
boolean flag = false;
for(int i = 1; i <= totno / 2; i++)
if(txtlogin.getText().trim().toUpperCase().intern() == inuser[2 * (i - 1) + 2].trim().toUpperCase().intern() && txtpass.getText().trim().toUpperCase().intern() == inuser[2 * (i - 1) + 3].trim().toUpperCase().intern())
lblstatus.setText("Login Success, Loading..");
flag = true;
String s = inuser[1].trim().intern();
String s1 = getParameter("targetframe");
if(s1 == null)
s1 = "_self";
finalurl = new URL(getCodeBase(), s);
catch(MalformedURLException _ex)
lblstatus.setText("Bad URL");
getAppletContext().showDocument(finalurl, s1);

lblstatus.setText("Invaild Login or Password");

void ButReset_ActionPerformed(ActionEvent actionevent)

public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent actionevent)
Object obj = actionevent.getSource();
if(obj == ButOk)
if(obj == ButReset)

public void destroy()

public void inFile()
new StringBuffer();
countConn = inURL.openStream();
countData = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(countConn));
String s;
while((s = countData.readLine()) != null)
if(totno < 21)
totno = totno + 1;
inuser[totno] = s;
s = "";
} else
lblstatus.setText("Cannot Exceed 10 users, Applet fail start!");
catch(IOException ioexception)
getAppletContext().showStatus("IO Error:" + ioexception.getMessage());
catch(IOException ioexception1)
getAppletContext().showStatus("IO Error:" + ioexception1.getMessage());

public void init()
setSize(361, 191);
txtlogin.setBounds(156, 72, 132, 24);
label1.setText("Please Enter Login Name & Password");
label1.setFont(new Font("Dialog", 1, 12));
label1.setBounds(41, 36, 280, 24);
label2.setFont(new Font("Dialog", 1, 12));
label2.setBounds(75, 72, 36, 24);
txtpass.setBounds(156, 108, 132, 24);
label3.setFont(new Font("Dialog", 1, 12));
label3.setBounds(75, 108, 57, 21);
lblstatus.setFont(new Font("Dialog", 1, 12));
lblstatus.setBounds(14, 132, 344, 24);
ButOk.setFont(new Font("Dialog", 1, 12));
ButOk.setBounds(105, 156, 59, 23);
ButReset.setFont(new Font("Dialog", 1, 12));
ButReset.setBounds(204, 156, 59, 23);
lbltitle.setFont(new Font("Dialog", 1, 12));
lbltitle.setBounds(12, 14, 336, 24);
String s = getParameter("title");
infile = new String("level4");
inURL = new URL(getCodeBase(), infile);
catch(MalformedURLException _ex)
getAppletContext().showStatus("Bad Counter URL:" + inURL);

please help

Quentin wrote on 2003/06/21:
U dont need 2 decompile nefin on level4

Richard wrote on 2003/06/26:
I have commed to lvl 7, but have abolutly NO idea to what to do:(

P90 wrote on 2003/06/27:
infile = new String("level4");
inURL = new URL(getCodeBase(), infile);
catch(MalformedURLException _ex)
getAppletContext().showStatus("Bad Counter URL:" + inURL);

Look at... ;-)

CeeKay wrote on 2003/06/28:
I admit.. I have been trying on level 4 for a long time now.. Coud i get a small hint?.. Or the pass :D?.. No.. Well please gimme a hint ;)

R4ID3r wrote on 2003/06/29:
For anyone Stuck on LVL7 go to google and look up mozilla firebird there is a browser tool in it known as user agent-switcher in which you are able to create your own browser/os identities I am currently stuck on the third validation in which you have to make the server believe you linked to the page from

Kip wrote on 2003/06/29:
Ok, I admit this iss a stupid question. I figured out what needs to be done on L2, I cant figure out how to save it. I have figured out that swf is a MacroMedia file, I think. I have loaded this site but I cant save the file to hd? With out giving me the answer could someone point me in the right direction?

Kip wrote on 2003/06/29:
I have went to other swf files I have found and they run on there own, why wont this one. I cant seem to save those either?

Kip wrote on 2003/06/29:
OK, I know that most of you are super hackers, but I just got it. All I had to do was save the link to disk rather than load the damn page first. Onto level 3....shhhh I am learning

Kip wrote on 2003/06/29: the past 5 min I learned 2 things. Level 1-4 are quite possibly the easiest things on the planet. It took me a few but I got it. For all those still trying. The "cookie" monster's belly is a great place to find what you seek. Now I have read a feew 'hints' about the later levels, I am surte they will not be so easy. BTW..the answer to 1 - 4 is in an earlier post. It only says for one but it works...quite well I might add.. on ALL of them through 4.

Kip wrote on 2003/06/29:
Small hint for Level 4..Look in the Temp iE files

See if you find the same thing I ddid

Jayho wrote on 2003/06/29:
I really need help onlevel 4. i dont see anything leading to the password in the IE temporary files or in the java

Jayho wrote on 2003/06/29:
i got past that and now im on Level 7. I already know how to do it but i need help to get into telnet

Kip wrote on 2003/06/29:
How did you just get passed 4 and your on 7? Folks, are you afraid to learn anything. I have only done a few of these and I have learned alot. It is ok to use the "help" spots to learn but I think some people are solving them. This is not a game to finish as fast as possible. If you use it as a learning tool instead of a bragging right to say you finished it you will get alot more out of it. Just a thought

Kip wrote on 2003/06/29:
I forgot one in the world could you have gotten passed 5 but need help to "get into" telnet. Telnet is on EVERY windows computer..hell it is a basic networking tool. Get "help" on this matter for Google. Not only will you find your answer but you just might learn something!

Kip wrote on 2003/06/29:
I just finished 5. For those of you using "help" sites. It seems as though he updates the files so you will have to actually do it, helps ya learn anyway. This shit is pretty cool.

Kip wrote on 2003/06/29:
Well aint this a bitch. I cant sniff. I am at work and the damn Proxy is blockin it. I am getting syn, syn-ack, syn then I get a server 500 error folowed by a fin. Is htis normal, am I missing something. I am getting no data. I am using ethereal as my sniffer? I know it would be encryted and I can't say that I would know what to do with the data packs once I have them?

necroticon wrote on 2003/06/30:
Any1 got a working link to lvl 5? i got there yonks ago (before the last overhaul), and i cant b bothered getting another Java decompiler. Cmon, i'll be your friend!

P90 wrote on 2003/06/30:
Just for information. There is only 8 level. Level 8 is offline!

necroticon wrote on 2003/07/01:
any one know fer sure how many levels there are?

So far ive heard ppl talk about lvl 9

ggbob wrote on 2003/07/04:
can some one give me the password and user name to lvl 6

fishstick wrote on 2003/07/05:
I need help for level 7

R.U.Sirius wrote on 2003/07/08:
Level 7 was one of the easiest levels so far. A bit disapointing. Just write a small proxy that replace and add some information to the http header and your done. I used Java (sockets and the regexp package) but i think its even quicker to do in Perl. Now I'm waiting for level 8 to come online.

683554 wrote on 2003/07/11:
Right now level 7 is the highest completable level. Levels 8 and 9 existed before the site was messed up, but the webmaster hasn't put them back up.

s7master wrote on 2003/07/12:
On Level 6 I will give you all a big hint, in the alpabet they use there is no j or u and also the encryption method was mentioned earlier here.

hmm wrote on 2003/07/13:
Damn... I have NO idea how to decrypt the info sniffed from lvl6 >:(

hmm wrote on 2003/07/13:
Removing the j and the u doesn't help...? I'm doing the following right now; aaaaa = a, aaaab = b, aaaba = c, etc. That's the trick, right? If it is, I'm a fuckup because the result doesn't work for me :)

grrr wrote on 2003/07/13:
nothing in temp ie files or in the java code can hep me with level4
help wanted!!

Woolf wrote on 2003/07/13:
about 30minutes ago i found that page, and within that minutes i came to level6,
and now i'm REALLY stuck

can anybody help me?

Woolf wrote on 2003/07/13:
<--> for the guys who wonder who i could do that so fast... level 1-3 is really no problem, i go my first compiler with 8 years and i'm a master of html, java, php, visual basic
-(vb,java,php,html,c/c++ plus opengl, i even programm my own operating system)
i have EVERYTHING but a decomp for vb SIX!

FritoLay wrote on 2003/07/13:
A friend and I are stuck on Lvl 5. We need a VB3 compiler. We know what to look for, but goddamnit, all the links are dead!

hmm wrote on 2003/07/14:
well woolf, you're a bloody genius (and yes, i'm sarcastic, NOFI) but ever heard of a sniffer? LOL!

Takis76 wrote on 2003/07/21:
I have stuck in Level7 , I found many people in internet say that about Level7 :

Use Telnet from your star -> Run

Telnet 80

Telnet is loading and now is time to
make a spoofing.

What is spoofing?

I have finished 1 to 6 levels so far.

In this level my goal is to lie the server and do server believes I have
Internet explorer 7.66 but Microsoft so far have only internet explorer 6 :)

and some people say this

After connect with telnet type these

GET /cgi-bin/ HTTP/1.1
and press enter
Other people says this

GET /levels/level7-xfkohc.php HTTP/1.0
and press enter

Is not the same which of them is correct?

nothing happend so far

If you try to press again the ENTER
you will desconnect and you will take
a raw like HTML source code from ERROR 404 PAGE.

if you don't press nothing , nothing will happend and telnet waiting for next line.

in the second line people says
type this:

User-Agent: BLAH (compatible;MSIE 7.66;UNIX)
and press ENTER button again

Other people says this

User-Agent: (MSIE 6.72; Linux)

in the first ,the IE is 7.66 version
in the secont opinion , the IE is 6.72

which is the correct?

after this Press ENTER again.

Do not press enter second time without
write something , because agail will be
desconnected and you will recieve a RAW
text from an ERROR PAGE 404
without string from next level8.

and you are continue typing the third
line with commands.

type this
telnet is not familiar for me

some people types this command
and other people doesn't write it.

and press Enter Again one time
because you will desconnected (blah blah Error 404)

And now the final command (Grrrrr)

After typing this command nothing happends

And you are waiting and say

What now?
if i press enter again without command
I will eat an error ROW of html page 404

And I am waiting to eternity

After a long time of borring and nothing happend
I press ENTER
and I eat this ERROR 404 Row page :(

Figure 1:

GET /cgi-bin/ HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: (MSIE 6.72; Linux)

OR Figure 2: ???

telnet 80
GET /levels/level7-xfkohc.php HTTP/1.0
User-Agent: BLAH (compatible;MSIE 7.66;UNIX)
Referer: ttp://

after all , all people say press enter
and a page will appear and says

if this is correct you will see this

When you do, you will get this information:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 05:05:09 GMT
Server: Apache
Cache-Control: max-age=604800
Expires: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 05:05:09 GMT
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Content-Type: text/html

But I never saw this yet.

and correct page will appear

the goal of understanding hacking is not to read others solusion , but
understand how can solve the problem.

And if problem solved , why solved?

The url for next level is this:

But for my is nothing because I have
just bypass this level and I still
not understanding why , can I do this?

What is spoofing?
How works?

If someone wants the next level only
because you have stuck

take the URL , but this is not the solusion , only a copy from other person.

How can I make this correct and I pass
this level correct without put the allready URL taken by others?

If fact I didn't solve the level7
Only I took the URL

and if someone is in level1 an place this URL , automatically passes 7 levels and no problem :)

Please could any one tell my how can
I pass this level correct.

Other people says , telnet isn't the correct programm for this level
the CRT is the correct one.

Please if someone knows the solusion for level7 (The working Solusion)

because all of them which a say does not working (send me e-mail at

Thank you very much

After this
type another line

Joe wrote on 2003/07/27:
Level 7- What you have to do is 'spoof' the Server at 80 to think that you are using MSIE 7.66 on a UNIX system, reffered by a website So the correct HTTP Header to send to the server would be to connect to telnet and: 80
GET /levels/level7-xfkohc.php HTTP/1.0
User-Agent: MSIE 7.66; UNIX

Joe wrote on 2003/07/27:
And Woolf, a decompiler for VB6 does not exist, so obviously, you don't have to decompile it... As yo can see, it sends and recieves info from


Gravity wrote on 2003/07/27:
On level 2 there is an easy answer, open notepad and click file, open, my network and type in the URL for the .swf file, it will load up and there is the user name and password.

KC wrote on 2003/07/28:
hey, i know im thick but im usong notepad 4 lvl 2 & i cant remember the html 4 username, i know the password from just looking at the source.

how damnit how can i so stypid?

KC wrote on 2003/07/28:
oops..............several typos there plus the fact i didn't even read gravity's stuff.
not that i understand to be honest.

anyone fancy explaining as they would to a 2 year old?

N/A wrote on 2003/07/29:
finished lvl 6, used Linux Telnet, wasn't that hard. trust me, with the hints 5 or six comments above, you can't lose

l053r wrote on 2003/08/26:
Hi.. Level6 was very easy ;] pass and login is code ;]My english is not correctly but there is something like gc0006 "123456678..abcd...ABCD..etc" you must see the function of username and pass there is something like (bla, 44,1) this 44 is a letter from gc0006 position.. so if you now known how to find the login and pass... tel me how find fucking login nad pass and proxy server and port numbert to level 7 ;] Visual Basic ;]]] pozdrawiam Wszystkich.. CYA ..

epyon22 wrote on 2003/09/18:
im on the new level 3 can ne one help me

Sara wrote on 2003/09/22:

Joren wrote on 2003/09/26:
level 2 you have to go to temporary internet files (with windows XP C:/documents and settings/Youraccount/(a hidden directory)Local Settings/Temporary internet files, Then sort everything on url, look for try2hack and open the flash file in notepad, or sort by type then look for flash file wich is named level2 or something.

For level 3 do the same, but then look for a javascript file and open it in notepad.

with both you should find username(or something similar)(NOT WITH LEVEL 3)= and password=

put that in

Turbulence wrote on 2003/10/03:
Can someone help me out with level 5!?!?! been stuck for 2 hours now...

Bjcd wrote on 2003/10/07:
Autant vous dire que toutes les url de on changes, de plus, la plupart des password aussi on chang. Celui du level 5 a chang. Le pass n'est plus OutOfInsipration, mais autres chose ! A vous de le trouv !

Mainteant, personnes ne sait comment m'aider pour le level 7 ?

tony wrote on 2003/10/08:

Ophielle wrote on 2003/10/10:
And to think people are getting stuck ...

Ophielle wrote on 2003/10/10:
Anyone looking for proxys check my site ;)

sin wrote on 2003/10/11:
level 4 is username: appletking password:pieceofcake

level 1 is h4x0r

Guy wrote on 2003/10/13:
What do i do in level 4?
i've opened the class file but i have no idea where to get the password from

ADDMonkey wrote on 2003/10/14:
the class file refers to another file, JavaScript, you can find it in your temporary internet files. Just open it from there and you should get what you are looking for, if not right click and view source.

Also, should I use a sniffer on level 5?

anonymus george wrote on 2003/10/28:
wuts the password for level 1

StealthFella wrote on 2003/10/29:
im stuck on lvl 5 , i got Vb3 stuff still can't find shit man ....
i've tryed like everything. sigh.
thx in advance

Suisse wrote on 2003/11/01:
I cant seem to pass level 3, because when i look at the source after pressing cancel, i see the pass is "AbCdE", which is wrong. I want to see the file before it is actually "opened" in IE or anything. HELP!

pdk wrote on 2003/11/01:
FOr level 2 when i open the swf file in notepad or wordpad i get all these weird symbols what the fuck is wrong?

Ophielle wrote on 2003/11/05:
Hey heres my new site url

<a href="">Open Directory Project</a>

Ophielle wrote on 2003/11/05:
Hey heres my new site url

<a href="">Open Directory Project</a>

Charley wrote on 2003/11/05:
Hi I need help for level 6, I don't know where i can fin a packet snifer. I just need the name of the program snifer thanks

fieldy wrote on 2003/11/06:
i need some help in lvl4.
i have decompiled the .class.
now it is great, but i don't see any passwrds. in temporany internet files: nothing...
help me

fieldy wrote on 2003/11/06:
i have finished lvl4

liquidsoul wrote on 2003/11/09:
stuck in level5,I used level5.bas,but I can only come up with : Try2Hack and OutOfInspiration,and it doesn't work

bob wrote on 2003/11/09:

fieldy wrote on 2003/11/11:
need some help on lvl8
where do i begin/??

No One wrote on 2003/11/14:
Can anyone help level 6? I understood I need a Packet Sniffer, and I have found the file that the program downloading, but I don't know what is the encryption. Can anyone help?
BTW I *don't* want you to give me the password. I want the way of finding it!

No One wrote on 2003/11/15:
I found it... Now I'm stuck at 8.

kumar wrote on 2003/11/15:

haiwanxue wrote on 2003/11/18:
Who can tell me your sniffer tool name of level6,i tried to sniffer the programe of level,but all has failed,can someone give me a URL of the tools you used.

chlu wrote on 2003/11/18:
This tool is useful ;)

chlu wrote on 2003/11/18:
Sorry I post the link in the wrong field.

Chiko wrote on 2003/11/20:
To all the people saying omg you people still playing this shit game and stuff like that or they finished the game with ease.... my question to them is what are they doing at this site anyway? why were you searching for hints or decompilers?

Chiko wrote on 2003/11/20:
oh and for all those users stuck on level 2 to get the source of the file without downloading it simply type view-source: and it should open notepad with the source of the .swf file then u can just look into it

trueman wrote on 2004/09/25:
I'm really stuck on level 4.. i've decompiled the .class file, and checked temporary internet files a million times.. Can anyone please help me out?

MOUSE wrote on 2004/09/27:
you guys are retarded you dont need a java decompiler for level four, just look in your temporary internet files and there is a .txt with the username, password, and url to the next level, and you dont need a flash decompiler for level 2 just oepn the damn flash file in notepad

calu wrote on 2004/10/26:
I want to learn how to hack because I'm interested on it. Can somebody help me?

calu wrote on 2004/10/26:
i have problems with level 1

stupid wrote on 2004/12/12:
hmm...i got the bas file for lvl5 but i dunno how to decrypt the encryption on the pass and username

Delon wrote on 2006/01/11:
I really don't get lvl 5, someone told me to use a Hex program. Can anyone help me?? Pls

bananananananananananas wrote on 2006/02/07:
Easy to level 4

jacky wrote on 2006/03/20:
lev4:How did you get that log and pass from temp.IE files?I've really decompiled .class and was looking for smth similar in temporary files as most of you 've done, but nothing(only .gif files and link to lev4) :( Please help!!

jacky wrote on 2006/03/20:
lev4:Maybe it should be smth done to get this file my temporary IE files?i really cant understand why i dont have it :-/

curious wrote on 2006/06/04:
i have completed lv2 (found url to lv3) but i still dont get it. It doesn't feel like acomplishemnt but i wanted some hints(thats why i came here) so that I can learn. Can someone please help me.. how do you conclude that the .swf file is needed(because of the flash button?)??? Why can't I see the username and password in Notepad (just txtUsername and txtPassword but when I type it in nothing happens, not even a message that is incorrect or correct.) How to fix that(to see the username and pwd)?
i would be very happy for ANY info.

Thank You !

Jan! wrote on 2006/07/31:
My spammy senses are tingling!