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September 2001

the face of aphex - Creepy. There are hidden images in Aphex Twin's Windowlicker, viewable when analyzing the cd with a spectrogram. Also see this screenshot here. [via]

huphtur wrote on 2001/09/07:
holy fokkin shiat (pardon my dutch)
you think richard did that on purpose?
or is it selective perception?

milov wrote on 2001/09/07:
no way that's a random image (look at the sample of 'normal' music on that page). just another example of the magic of richard d. james.

huphtur wrote on 2001/09/07:
hehe troo.. richard makes not normal music. this is serious amazing. im running his new album thru the specto, so far i havent found anything yet.

23JUL wrote on 2001/09/09:
So, Huphtur, could you find the piece with the face?

huphtur wrote on 2002/05/10:,1284,52426,00.html