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September 2001

I'm going on vacation, so no updates for a week and a half. In the mean time, why not entertain yourself with this: (Moz/IE5/IE6 req.)

Using a combination of PHP and Javascript-DOM-scripting, the structure on this page will grow in different directions depending on the number of referrers that link to it.

The referrers have to be unique, so there's no point in refreshing endlessly. Rather, spread the word and watch it grow when linked by more and more sites.

ellen wrote on 2001/09/09:
jammer, hij doet het niet in IE op de mac (en geeft javascript error in netscape 4.7)

na wat processing messages, waarin ik urls voorbij zie komen, is er alleen een zwart scherm te zien

Wouter wrote on 2001/09/09:
Leuk idee, ben benieuwd hoe groot het geheel zal worden!

Roel wrote on 2001/09/09:
Mooi zeg. Postje op MeFi?

reet wrote on 2001/09/09:
als dit allemaal mogelijk is...

Remco wrote on 2001/09/09:
Het leeft!

Owen wrote on 2001/09/09:
mooi stukje werk. veel plz op vakantie.

maxdunn wrote on 2001/09/09:
Cool! The "web" is really living up to its name.

verdana wrote on 2001/09/10:

pr0n wrote on 2001/09/10:
Errug leuk dit ;)

Jako wrote on 2001/09/10:
Very, very cool!

JISH wrote on 2001/09/10:

Yardsale wrote on 2001/09/10:
Watch it go!

c.r. wrote on 2001/09/11:
Pgina muito legal, Milo! Brbara! Valeu o trabalho... [BR]

That's a helluva page, Milo! Way cool, thanks for the great job... [EN]

Sleeper wrote on 2001/09/11:
That is some wicked coding there mate.

cunt0r wrote on 2001/09/11:
Haha, erg goed dit!

d a a f wrote on 2001/09/11:
Bijna een soort van artificial intelligence... errug goed!

huphtur wrote on 2001/09/13:
anybody know where milov went for holiday? i hope he's ok with all that crap going on...

23JUL wrote on 2001/09/13:
I think he is on vacation?

huphtur wrote on 2001/09/13:
yeah but where?

low wrote on 2001/09/13:
Portugal. So he should be fine...

huphtur wrote on 2001/09/13:
ok good...
this whole NY thing is scaring the shit out of me.

daniel wrote on 2001/09/17:
milo v. you went away....
& it all went down...p.s
youv'e emailed me before,
this friend ?....
i'm a designer/artist with commercial
& personal gain at heart.....
the majority will go to my personal network !(which is yet to be established !!!)please milo,,treat
me as special as you would like to
be yourself !!!!!a...

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