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September 2001

Just found this article at Tiscali Plaza (in Dutch) about my 'Link this page' page. I still feel very weird about having topped Blogdex without even witnessing it myself, considering it was basically a rush-job, built in one afternoon, right before I left.

I'm thinking of rebuilding it somewhat, for various reasons. The current visualization leads one to think it indicates some relation between interconnected sites, when in fact the links are purely random. Also, I'm noticing the onmouseover effects are slowed-down horribly as its getting larger. And I don't like the fact that it grows out of the main window, in a rather boring and 'predictably random' fashion.

So I'll probably try to use the same (still growing) referrer-data to create a different kind of structure, one that doesn't suffer these flaws. Keeping in limited confines, perhaps something using colour variations.

(Here's a graph showing the jump in my website traffic.)

Frieza wrote on 2001/09/21:
Your referrer thing rocks!
Can't wait to see what else you can come out with :)

wrote on 2001/09/21:
YEAH More fun!!

Owen wrote on 2001/09/23:
i'm wondering what kind of scripting did you use to extract the referrer data. I give it a try awhile ago. You can see it at and the source:

Or do you put every referrer in its own table?