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October 2001

Argh... IE6 View Source option seems to be broken. :-(

Bert wrote on 2001/10/05: Works fine with my IE6!

pup wrote on 2001/10/05:
ie5.5 does this to me sometimes. just shift-click (or right click/open in new window) any link to open in a new window and it'll be fixed.

i don't know what causes it. the only way i can reliably reproduce it is to submit a pdf form. weird.

milov wrote on 2001/10/05:
hmm, it be working again (i guess i shift-clicked somewhere ;)
zo ver zo goed.

nikzhowz wrote on 2001/10/06:
IE5.5 does it to me occasionally too. If my text editor is already open, moving the focus to the editor and back to the window I want to view fixes it. Dunno why.

maxdunn wrote on 2001/10/07:
Man, you had me scared. That's the sort of thing you would just *expect* from Microsoft...

Jerry wrote on 2003/01/01:
I had the same problem with IE6. I fond out that it is a bug with the temp internet files. It could be a couble of things. Check out
deleting temp internet files and clearing cach worked for my view source problem.