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October 2001

Abandoned redesign:

MrMessiah wrote on 2001/10/10:
Whoa... that's actually really cool,
Milo, I actually prefer where that was
going to the peach dinosaur ;)

Michiel H. wrote on 2001/10/10:
Ok, maar wat moet je ermee? -dat rijmt-

huphtur wrote on 2001/10/10:
i prefer this one more then the dino.
gives a more spacious and fresh feeling to it.

23JUL wrote on 2001/10/10:
Make an interactive design poll?

pup wrote on 2001/10/10:
where i come from, we call that "dope shit".

paulmatthijs wrote on 2001/10/11:
oewa! mooi man... drop the dino ;)

eric suiker wrote on 2001/10/11:
Dinos have become extinct. So should yours....New design = Cool design

Adjam wrote on 2001/10/19:
I like the upside-down design, but I still prefer the nice dinosour design, who would of thought an orange web page scheeme would go so well, the pictures great, but it just lacks somting the dino has 2 offer