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October 2001

transforming Transformers costume [via]

23JUL wrote on 2001/10/16:
From the demented mind that spawned The Action-Figure Code, may I

The Alt.Toys.Transformers Drinking Game 1.0

I dont really need to give an introduction for this, do I? What
*dont* you get? Its right there in the title!

Herere the rules:

1) Take a cup/glass/bowl or four of your favorite libation, alcoholic
or not. Im not much a fan of the stuff, but you should see me down a
keg of OJ (the drink, not the murderer). (Note: If you do choose to
use alcohol, please choose a designated typer, so that your posts dont
become as nonsensical as Interbots.)

2) Boot up ye old puter.

3) Connect to the internet.

4) For aol users: repeat step #3.

5) For aol users: repeat steps #3 and #4.

6) For aol users: repeat steps #3, #4, and #5. Are you in yet? No?
Too bad. Try again at 4 am, maybe a line will be open by then. Better
yet, get a *reliable* service.

7) Load up and commence reading all the new

Take a sip when:
- Someone posts a generic "For Sale" post
- Someone posts a specific "For Sale" post
- Someone posts a "For Sale" post several times in succession
- Someone claims that hes selling stuff "cheap"
- Someone labels a TF that is missing limbs as "mint"
- Someone posts a "Make $50,000 over the internet" post
- Someone asks how much a TF is worth
- Someone asks for a TF identification
- Someone asks for a TF knockoff identification
- Doug Dlin responds with the right answer
- Someone complains that he/she *cant* find the new Beast/Machine Wars
- Someone states that he/she *can*
- A TF scalper gets flamed
- An aoler makes someone mad
- Someone promotes their own *new* page
- Someone asks a question that is covered in the FAQ
- Someone points out that said question is in the FAQ
- Someone posts a "I wish theyd make so-and-so" post
- Someone else agrees
- Someone says something witty
- Someone says something stupid
- An aoler says something stupid
- Someone posts using a TF for a Username
- Raksha insults BW Megatron
- Raksha praises Soundwave
- Anybody praises Soundwave
- Someone criticizes MW
- A newbie is insulting
- A newbie is insulted
- MSipher has an epithet in his name

Take TWO sips when:
- Someone claims that the G2 TFs are worse than the G1 TFs
- Someone claims that the G1 TFs are worse than the G2 TFs
- Someone claims that BW are worse than other TFs
- Someone claims that BW are better than other TFs
- Ben Yee claims that BW are better than other TFs
- Devestator begins an inane thread
- Joona Palaste annoys someone
- Someone makes an negative reference to Interbot
- Raksha gets in a debate with Lewis M. Brooks
- Raksha gets in a debate with Kendrick K. Chua
- Raksha gets in a debate with anyone
- Someone insults Raksha
- Someone accuses Soundwave or Starscream of being gay
- is criticized
- A "Unicron vs. So-and-so" battle is proposed
- Someone claims that FIRRIB
- Someone claims that RIRFIB
- Parts of TF:TM are questioned
- Botcon is mentioned
- Botcon 96 is criticized
- Bill Houck Jr. mentions a Mint-in-Box item
- The BW show is complimented
- The BW show is criticized
- The BW show is criticized... by Raksha
- A fanfic is posted
- A thread, discussing possible BW forms for G1 TFs, starts

Take a CHUG when:
- A repaint is complimented
- A toy store is complimented
- An intelligent discussion occurs
- A newbie gets treated with respect (this is so rare, its *sad*,
- Raksha compliments an Autobot
- Doug Dlin or Robert Jung is *wrong*

Down your drink when:
- Someone insults Bens BW page
- Raksha compliments BW Megatron
- Someone praises Interbot
- Dennis Barger and MIB are complimented
- The Transformer Code is *updated*

There ye be, folks. If you can still see straight, please e-mail me
and let me know what you think (if you can still do that, too). Let me
know if you want to have additional, updated versions of this Game sent
directly to you.

Please dont take offense if you are not mentioned in the game. If I
like you, its probably because I couldnt think of anything
appropriate to say about you. If I *dont* like you, youre probably
better off, anyway, because Id most likely insult you in some fashion.
Aint I a shtinker?

Warning: This Game should not have been read by the humor-impaired (you
know who you are), nor should it be taken internally. Keep it out of
the reach of children and Interbot.

Disclaimer: I do not promote alcohol consumption by minors. Heck, I
dont promote alcohol consumption by *anybody*. If you must drink, do
like I do and get a pitcher of your favorite citrus drink.

The preceding, the Alt.Toys.Transformers Drinking Game, version 1.0
is copyright of Andrius Schmid. Okay, I didnt really copyright it,
but if you rip it off, I will hunt you down and stick your mouse in a
very painful place (which I have not yet determined). This is a
parody of all other internet drinking games. If you wish to post all
or part of this Game in a public forum, please let me know first, so I
can contact my spies to see if you are deemed worthy.

If you have suggestions for additions to the Game, please e-mail me.
Remember, all suggestions must be A.T.T. related. I maintain the right
to edit, include, or not include any suggestions. If I do include your
suggestion, you will be credited.

Where to find this Game in the future: I will regularly post the most
current version of this Game on or around the first of each month. The
Alt.Toys.Transformers Drinking Game will also be posted upon request.
Updates will be posted whenever I see fit, usually in the case of an
alteration (not including spelling or punctuation changes) or addition.
Therefore, you do not necessarily need to read this again until version
1.1 or higher. I do not yet maintain a web page, but will probably
have this up on a site in the (near?) future. Everyone else can link
to that site, but I will probably not allow them to create their own
page. I will post the site location as soon as it is up and running.

Special thanks go to all those who are mentioned in the Game (and all
those who arent) for making A.T.T. a pleasant (or unbearable,
respectively) experience. I loves ya, gang.

Please send any and all suggestions/compliments/brutal verbal attacks

--Andrius Schmid <>
**Keeper of the Action Figure Code**
**Keeper of the RTA-F and A.T.T. Drinking Games**

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