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October 2001

*cough* new design *cough*

Low wrote on 2001/10/24:
*cough* nice *cough* ;-)

Painless wrote on 2001/10/24:
Errrh.. WOW!

pup wrote on 2001/10/24:

why was my name "painless"?

huphtur wrote on 2001/10/24:
- new design: yuck, dun like it. sorry milov.
- comments: when i pressed comment, pup's info was filled out in the fields. coockie problem?

milov wrote on 2001/10/25:
1. the ugliness of the design is intentional
2. the cookie thing is weird, 'll have to look into it

paulmatthijs wrote on 2001/10/25:
you'd better stayed with the turned-over highway thingy... :(

Raoul wrote on 2001/10/25:
erg g**l design :-)

kristoff wrote on 2001/10/25:
ik vind de quick n dirty wel kunnen.
enkel de content layout is me te druk nu.
daarnietvan, als er iemand is die zich niet hoeft te bewijzen, ben jij het wel, milo.
in short: nice one!

Adjam wrote on 2001/10/25:
i liked the dinosaur way better, and the upsidedown-moterway design was quite good, but the dinosaur was MILES BETTER!!! aaagghh!!! change it back!! CHANGE IIITTT BAAAACCCCKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23JUL wrote on 2001/10/26:
What's that thing hanging on an electric cable at the right side of the wall?