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November 2001

Incremental zoom bookmarklets: !ZoomInIn and !ZoomOutOut (drag to Links-bar). Works best in IE5 (IE6 won't resize positioned elements). Source:



Update: I forgot, pup already made these.

pup wrote on 2001/11/06:

milov wrote on 2001/11/06:
We were using 'm here to see if background-images of two adjacent table cells lined up... Ah, the joy of Netscape4 testing...

pup wrote on 2001/11/06:
the zoom out has a factor of 2. should be 0.5.

pup wrote on 2001/11/06:
also, since i upgraded to ie6 here at work, they do nothing on pages that have positioned content (here, tastylog, etc), but normal table-layout pages are fine (cnn, yahoo, etc).

23JUL wrote on 2001/11/07:
It doesn't really work on your page, Milo. ;-)

milov wrote on 2001/11/07:
Argh, I noticed... Worked fine in IE5.5 at work, but not in IE6 here, coz of my positioned content (like pup said). Maybe the trick is to loop thru all the elements and set zoom properties for each one...

Bob wrote on 2001/11/07:
More cool (albeit nerdy) bookmarklets at

ljubo wrote on 2006/05/17:
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