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November 2001

If all goes well, the new should automatically be 'pinged' when I save this entry, indicating latest update...

Yay, it worked! I simply execute the following command along with the MySQL INSERT statement (haven't yet figured out all that XML-RPC stuff):

$ping = file('');

Raoul wrote on 2001/11/08:
and i see it in the blogrtracker kist.

Low wrote on 2001/11/08:
Hmmm, have to tell Bob about this... Maybe he can implement it in Pivot.

Bob wrote on 2001/11/09:
The forthcoming beta will have this feature. I also used the form trick, instead of figuring out how to do it the hard way.

pup wrote on 2001/11/09:
it's not soap or xml-rpc and it's not as simple as milov's code, but here's how to do it in asp:

Sub pingWeblogs(name, url)
Dim objXML
Dim strURL
strURL = " "
strURL = strURL & "?name=" & name
strURL = strURL & "&url=" & Server.URLEncode(url)
Set objXML = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP")
objXML.Open "GET", strURL, False
Set objXML = Nothing
End Sub

pingWeblogs("TastyLog", " ")

pup wrote on 2001/11/09:
doh. watch taht wordwrap on the "CreateObject" line.

there's also a semicolon after the first strURL line as well. no idea why.

pup wrote on 2001/11/09:
i'm also retarded. there's no parentheses on sub calls.

milov wrote on 2001/11/09:
that semicolon is werd. something to do with my url2link function, but i don't see how.

milov wrote on 2001/11/09:
test2: " "
test3: ' '

milov wrote on 2001/11/09:
aha. semicolons were caused by my replacing " with " - fixed for now...

milov wrote on 2001/11/09:
Here's an XML-RPC version for PHP (no extra libraries required):