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November 2001

The CSS equivalent of <nobr> is white-space: nowrap;
[via Wouterd]

pup wrote on 2001/11/09:
excellent tip.

google wrote on 2005/04/15:
Thanks, the first page on google now shows this in the description! so a 'css nobr' search found it at place 8 I think. Good work!

john wrote on 2005/06/27:
Thanks for this! I waste some time with other websites that have the WRONG answer until I found this one. Other searches mentioned an extra hyphen between "no" and "wrap" which doesn't work on my browser (IE 6).

studio fotograficzne wrote on 2005/09/21:
Great, thanks.

Razvan wrote on 2005/11/16:

It is working on Firefox and Opera on <td> tags:

<td class="nobr">...</td>

but it is not working in IE6 !
The div version seems to work on all browsers:

<div class="nobr">...</div>


Razvan wrote on 2005/11/16:
Oooopps... I forgot to define the "nobr" class:

white-space: nowrap;


Andrej Becker wrote on 2006/05/22:
Only works for block level elements, specification says it won't work for inline elements.

Frank Butcher wrote on 2006/06/09:
"Only works for block level elements, specification says it won't work for inline elements."

According to the W3C recommendations, it applies to block level elements only in CSS1. In CSS 2 it applies to all elements.

A case of trial and error for which browsers support it I guess.

Mike wrote on 2006/09/20:
Google preved rodnoy!
<a href=>apcservicder</a>

noid wrote on 2007/05/31:
nice... and easy to find in google.

aidan wrote on 2008/02/09:
I've been trying to get a header element and an input text box on the same line but none of these seem to work.