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November 2001

pallaink noticed I linked back and writes (Excite translation):

Although it thought that there was access here and there and it was amusing something from the Netherlands (man of nl domain) from several days before, the reason was found today. To the page of banner I.AM/BALD Although an uncle's banner was decorated, this to the former page there Link It was carried out. What and まぁ ... Trap which naturally cannot be read since it is Japanese. It greets for the time being and is profit! Welcome! The って Netherlands is Netherlands 語だっけ ? じゃぁ. Welkom! but a level -- it is high .

Which reminds me: I want to read more foreign-language blogs. Submit some! The more obscure the better...

palla wrote on 2001/11/19:
Thank you. And I was surprised. Truly, it is the Internet. Many interesting sites are located also in Japan. I will introduce them to the following opportunity. (very Suitable translation by EXCIIIIITE!!)