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January 2002

Listening to: Devo - Satisfaction [click "song" at]

palla wrote on 2002/01/13:
we are devo!

Raoul wrote on 2002/01/13:
I didn't know you liked DEVO?
I thought that was before your "time"

I used to listen to DEVO a lot, they are great!

milov wrote on 2002/01/14:
Actually, I'm not sure I even ever heard anything by DEVO before...

Raoul wrote on 2002/01/14:
You have to listen to "Mongoloid"
If you can't find it, send me an email, I'll put it on the server

palla wrote on 2002/01/14:
I have thought that I am an Orangutan until now.... But I found I could be a Mongoloid. In any case I'm sure that I am the devolution exsitance.