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January 2002

the_dr: Top 11 Bootlegs of 2001 - don't have speakers here but looking forward to try 'em at home... [via Low]

elout wrote on 2002/01/29:
my list from this list:

1. Jacknife Lee - Get UR 9lb Cock On
2. Kurtis Rush - Forgot About Overload

armando wrote on 2002/01/30:
The Osymyso track at #2 is impressive.


mrmessiah wrote on 2002/01/30:
The osymyso track is like jive bunny on crack...

mrmessiah wrote on 2002/01/30:
Oooh no, that Destinys child vs Nirvana one is the dog's cog's. Thanks for posting this! :)