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January 2002

Definitely one to try full-screen... 99

Anybody up for a game of 755 byte Pong? (IE5.5+ required)
How to make playing Pong interesting for 1 player: use vertical mouse motion to control the right paddle, and horizontal motion to control the left. Also, the longer you play, the faster the dot moves.

And yes, 100 is going to be something special...

jan wrote on 2002/01/30:
fyi: it doesn't work in opera 6.0 :)

Arjan wrote on 2002/01/30:
En hij doet 't ook niet op MSIE5.00. Of bedoel je dat met IE5 ???

milov wrote on 2002/01/30:
Only tested it in IE5.5 and IE6.

rj wrote on 2002/02/01:
Nice, very nice. I'm very impressed by the size of the source. I'm eating my heart out.

Stephan wrote on 2002/02/11:
:-( The DHTML Pong does not run on Mac with IE 5.1 - Would it be possible? Please email me if you think it would not be a problem, thx.

dupdup wrote on 2002/04/24:
for me to poop on

33king wrote on 2002/08/14:
I think my left side went gimp

Jack wrote on 2003/12/27:
Nice Game

BULLDOSER wrote on 2006/02/21:
It does'nt play on a Mozilla either, but anyway, goooood site.