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February 2002 100 - digital clock using css borders (IE5/IE6/NS6)

So I was planning on making nr. 100 into this whole retrospective thing, showing thumbnails and detailed descriptions of nr. 1-99, but that felt like too much work and would've been kinda weird anyway, so I decided to just see it as another number, forego the whole looking-back thing, and get on with making the next 100 entries. But feel free to celebrate this momentous occasion in your own way...

jpk wrote on 2002/02/09:

karma wrote on 2002/02/09:
Works fine in IE5.5

huphtur wrote on 2002/02/09:

rj wrote on 2002/02/11:
I was impressed by your one player pong, but this impressed me even more. I'm eating my heart out.

branko wrote on 2002/02/11:
lovely. very nice!

check this one out:

alex conroy wrote on 2003/12/16:
lol yah verry good can you let me know wen you do somemore because i really enjoyed my stay at your site

love A