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February 2002

Spam with a strange view of the "Opt In" concept:

In order to make absolutely sure that our mailings go to "Opt In" subscribers only, we at [...] are in the process of updating our subscription list.

If you wish to be removed from future mailings, please reply with the subject "Remove" and this email address will be blocked from future mailings.

8-Track wrote on 2002/02/21:
I got this spam e-mail today:

"Is your current web-based Email Provider offering you a minimal amount of mailbox space that is over-run with SPAM?

BoxFrog offers up to 5 times the mailbox size as other Email Accounts. Plus BoxFrog is EASY, ANONYMOUS, PRIVATE and FREE!

Don't pay for a larger mailbox, get it FREE with BoxFrog!!"

paulmatthijs wrote on 2002/02/22: