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March 2002

WildMag 256b.htm Compo entries are up! Click 'download all entries'. Lots of good stuff in there...

Direct links to my five entries (local copy):
  - evil twin
  - noise
  - spike
  - the fly
  - wavular (thnx Paul Sowden for the name :)

Ruud wrote on 2002/03/01:
jemig milo

die 256b inzendingen van je!

Ruud van der Klugt

raoul wrote on 2002/03/01:
*stilte* wow

23JUL wrote on 2002/03/02:
I am-azed.

Fidel wrote on 2002/03/05:
I love evil twin. It's like having your mouse look in the mirror and seeing it's heart of darkness. =)

Adja, wrote on 2002/03/05:
i like them, especially the fly, i dont get the wavular thing tho... what does it do?

mados wrote on 2002/03/13:
Don't forget to vote.

Gargaj wrote on 2002/08/13:
Really really great, funny / innovative / designish entries. Looking forward to round two :)

wrote on 2002/09/01:
Same thing occured to me