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March 2002

Listening to: Disciples Of Ageema - All Times By Music [download at]

Deef wrote on 2002/03/04:
en daarom kom ik hier zo graag...als lid van Divine Stylers! (iets dat later uitgroeide tot Disciples Of Ageema) hier gewoon zoveel jaar later nog dingen terugzien...reminds me of my late night long conversations with twang-boy...Ohja..leuke 256bytes dingen milo!

milov wrote on 2002/03/04:
Wow, had no idea of the dutch connection! I was just listening to some mono211 mp3's I downloaded back in December, and this one definitely stuck out.

Here's another good one:
Dharma - Dance To The Drummer's Beat

deef wrote on 2002/03/04:
There are plenty of good ones. Are you interested in some more?
from the good old days or more recent stuff? Can send you a list. Got about 8 cds with demos from the old days and new days, and lots of modules/xm/mp3 stuff