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2001-08-20 - DHTML hover effects
Tested in IE6 and IE5.5.

4. added 2001-08-22
These links right here show a flashing dotted upper and lower border line when hovered over, with random colouring. Can be really annoying (like most these other effects :).

1. Now these links right here simply shake about when touched by the mouse. Done by giving random values to the relative left and -top position style properties. (Here's another one.) The page has a global onmouseover function that checks the classname of an element to determine which effect to apply.

2. Hovering over these links causes their inner text to scroll from right to left, increasing in speed until you move off of the link. Basically a simple manipulation of the innerText-property. Can cause some shifting when applied to a link that spans parts of more than one line. Like that one right there... See how this bit of text moves about? ^_^

3. The links in this paragraph shake from side to side by a distance of 2 pixels. Done by setting position to 'relative' and alternately setting 'left' position to '-1px' and '1px'. On a fast enough machine the shaking is so fast all you see is a motion-blurred link. (Win2k seems to allow DHTML animations to run a lot faster than Win98, for some reason.)

4. 5. 6. ... more effects soon, perhaps.