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ms dos commands krys, 030602 05:09
anybody no anygood webpages that show ms dos commands ?
and what they do..?
Re: ms dos commands Calm_Pear, 030603 11:56

First one to show up on
Re: ms dos commands milov, 030603 12:09
prompt [$T$H$H$H$H$H$H] $P$G
Re: ms dos commands milov, 030603 12:13
c:\>copy con haha.bat
@echo off
echo haha
goto begin
Re: ms dos commands P01, 030603 17:05
milo, it's not good to scare your visitors with infinite "haha" ~__0
Re: ms dos commands biwols, 030604 21:06
for FTP??

is so just do a search for AceFTP then download it. It makes things alot more simple. ;)
Re: ms dos commands krys, 030607 06:18
ok wtf is the haha shit and what does it do..?
Re: help me please,andyncyrus,nicki garr, 030608 00:39
Kindly help me with all ms-dos commands I am a computer student desiring to be a microsoft engineer in time to come and I need your help to make my dream come true.Hope to hear from you soon.
Best Regard:
Re: ms dos commands drake s, 030609 05:06
c:\>copy con haha.bat
@echo off
:begin -->will begin the program to display haha
echo haha -->will display haha
goto begin -->will go back to beginning and run through the program..showing haha forever,

at least that's what it looks like... I don't use MSDOs anymore...

you forget stuff after awhile.

as for DOS commands, do a search on you'll find what you want.
Re: ms dos commands,vaibhav_indya,vaibhav, 030613 21:58
hi vaibhav
Re: ms dos commands htomail,pervaizali657,pervaiz, 030714 09:59
how can i hide my c: drive or d: drives etc.
and i also want to know how to give password to a drive
Re: ms dos commands Sikoku, 030802 08:58
i dont know how to keep them hidden but i can keep them for the time that you are on and if anybody knows how to get a pass on a directory that would be cool but heres what you got to do:

lets say you run it from here:
C:\>prompt and what ever you want!
so it looks like:
and what ever you want!
if you want it back:
and what ever you want!prompt
back to this:
Re: ms dos commands Ryan, 030803 07:47
Does anyone know how to change the icon for a .exe ? thanx can u please tell me at . Thankx again
how to connect,artificialcube,halshinko, 030809 07:38
How do u connect to another computer and then execute shutdown commands
Re: ms dos commands,moges_12,moges, 030811 09:12
Re: ms dos commands krys, 030812 06:34
Why the hell would u ask in msdos commands how to install win 95? thats retarded anyone can install win 95 its quite easy but i aint gonna explain step by step
Reply me....,karthee_hawk,karthik, 030826 07:21
dear sir/madam,
i m karthik from mumbai,(india).. i would like u to send me some few DOS commands to hide a file in C: drive n aslo to make it away frm the WINDOWS desktop as soon as i switch to WINDOWS after hiding it frm DOS prompt...

- bye...
Re: ms dos commands,Puddenn,Nancy, 030901 03:05
Have Windows 98-unable to defrag due to running program - is DOS defrag command defrag c:\ and will it defrag or do I need Windows for this procedure?
Please e-mail answer if possible,
Thanks - appreciate your time and attention
Re: ms dos commands,peterbraithwaite,Jim, 030904 23:40
Is there a command in MS DOS that does the same thing as the head command in UNIX?
Re: ms dos commands,kunledarmani,kunle, 030920 12:23
Hi, i am an intending Information Technologist but presently a computer student. My problem is that for someone to be admitted for IT in my country someone must have a sound knowledge of DOS and its commands. So please Sir, help to my present status.And you can write to my mail.(
Re: ms dos commands adekunle, 030920 13:40
Send me mails cos i wanna know more about DOS commands.
Re: ms dos commands Proger, 030927 19:07
i don't know how to install win xp from floppy
Re: ms dos commands,jepps,james, 031003 00:34
Good Evening
I have a pc with Windows Me installed. One night I downloaded an updated version of Real Player and now my pc gives me a boot failure message. I purchased a recovery disk on line with gets me to dos. How can I get my pc to start up again.. Thanks for any help given.

Re: ms dos commands,jepps,james, 031003 00:36
Good Evening
I have a pc with Windows Me installed. One night I downloaded an updated version of Real Player and now my pc gives me a boot failure message. I purchased a recovery disk on line which gets me to dos. How can I get my pc to start up again.. Thanks for any help given.

Ok this is for u dudes ( NO NERDS/GEEKS),unknown_dude_9,ANTI nerd, 031008 14:48
so u wanna no how 2 use dos for the perpos of anyoying people?! if not go away ill give u thime 2 go away
ok if u dudes still here go 2 comand prombt and type :
Cd Desktop ( change.....ok i wont explain not botherd )
Copy con whatever.bat
shutdown -r

now go to ur desktop click on whatever.bat ..Neat heh?! if u wanna no how 2 stop this ...
Cd desktop
copy con stop.bat
shutdown -a

now click whatever.bat ...then click stop.bat it should stop ...if u wanna no what happens it shuts down ur pc in 30 secs ( u cant close it ) no harm virus sh*t ..send it 2 ur frends :) hehe
Re: ms dos commands,elmejor_latino,Azteck, 031009 22:35
Re: ms dos commands Spooky, 031010 23:23
Years ago we used to put a command line so at start up the computer displayed the time and date when it was last started..but I can't remember what it was...anyone know??
Re: ms dos commands,us_girl2003ph,bench, 031013 15:43
First I would like to greet you all have a nice and good day all. I want to know about the command of the ms-dos in the computer network. because I want to know what kind of file they have of each computer.

Re: ms dos commands,chasadali,Ch Asad Ali, 031019 15:59
Please send me all ms dos commands
Re: ms dos commands,maimiforlove,osasu, 031023 16:53
i want to know 50 dos command,their function and meaning.
Re: ms dos commands bas, 031026 00:29
May it be a itsy pitsy more:

En dan nog: toen ik de stagiair vroeg om een diskette te kopieren op een DOS machine keek ie me aan of ie water zag branden...

"Ehhh... Er is geen muis?"
Re: ms dos commands,chuckiespad,Jean, 031103 21:28
WOuld someone please help me. I am unable to defrag with HP computer...Thanks a lot!!!!
Re: ms dos commands,tit142003,valentine, 031107 01:11
can u send me all the ms dos commands,please,
Re: ms dos commands,joesmoemugoe,joe, 031107 03:36
type start or exit or dir or ipconfig
im looking for some cool looking mubojumbo
Re: ms dos commands,elghaouth92,elghaouth, 031109 18:35
il faut mettre les commands de MS-DOSje veux seulement les commands j'ai ms-dos dans une machine ala maison
Re: ms dos commands,iamtheguyupnorth,Shaun, 031112 19:02
First things first, you can not i repeat can not do proper defrag from dos command prompt, dos shell is better. reboot computer during boot press f8 until menu displays, select safe mode command prompt only then at the c:\ type defrag.

Second for those who wanted to hide their c:\ and d:\ drives you need to open a command prompt window. From the command prompt type the following

ren(space)c:(space)(press and hold the left alt key) and type 255 release the alt key and exit. You will not be able to open or access the drive the drive name changes to half a space but in ascii code. No properties contents or size will even be listed. But each time you want into the drive you must re-open command prompt and type ren(space)(press and hold alt)255(let go of alt)(space)(newname or c:).

Last those looking for "cool mumbo jumbo" type dir(space)/r/s
or netview

anyone else with a dos problem can email me
BTW: the Rename ASCII function is only available and working in windows 98 and 95, and not usable in other operating systems.
Re: ms dos commands,pshirvadkar,prasad shirvadkar, 031119 10:49
i want shutdown machine in dos prompt
tell me command how i shutdown machine in dos prompt.
Hey ANTI-Nerd,wetwilly63215,Josh, 031120 02:56
hey man do you have nething else that i could use to piss my parents of(MSDos or whatever)

thanx man
e-mail me @
Re: ms dos commands Bob, 031203 22:42
does anyone know how i can shut off someone elses computer on a network using ms dos prompt? if so just type the command and stuff...
Re: ms dos commands,fwtcracoe,Fred Taylor, 040127 12:36
To shutdown a networked computer. Download net bust or Sub7. These will then give you all the information you need to shut down a computer on a network. Also it CANNOT be traced by any administrator all you have to do is hold the shift key whilst using it and then your user name is automaticly hiddden. It is a great way of playing pranks on other people on the network. If you want more information email me

Hope you like it Fred Warhurst Taylor
North Yorkshire
Re: ms dos commands sbcglobal,net,paolamaryanne,mary ann, 040128 16:12
i would like to know how to boot someone in the chat room....what command to use...thanks....someone e-mail me please..thanks
Re: ms dos commands sbcglobal,net,paolamaryanne,mary ann, 040128 16:12
i would like to know how to boot someone in the chat room....what command to use...thanks....someone e-mail me please..thanks
Re: ms dos commands sbcglobal,net,paolamaryanne,mary ann, 040128 16:12
i would like to know how to boot someone in the chat room....what command to use...thanks....someone e-mail me please..thanks
Re: ms dos commands Morg, 040202 16:16
I pity all who didn't grow up using MS-DOS
Re: ms dos commands gg, 040207 00:05
iv been to alot of booters sites on here and none of the progs work as good as they should ytunnel has stop alot of booters and they have other chat clints tell me of a prog that will boot them no matter what chat clint there in i have heard of a dos booting anybody i would like to know how you do that
Re: ms dos commands,frozenlurker,Lurker, 040213 04:03
How can i net send ppl at school?
Re: ms dos commands,dinesh_6394,dinesh, 040214 12:34
How can i change the name of c drive?

printing,birerismail,ismail, 040215 21:46
How can I print dos screen out? What is the command for this?
Re: ms dos commands,es00cober,cecil okyere, 040215 22:06
please show me how to use dos command and if possible, if u can send me the commands.
Re: ms dos commands,L.Y.D,LYD, 040216 02:31
Does Anybody KNows how to send Network Message by Dos Shell in WIndows XP PROFF... ????

I Could only do it in Windows NT...

Greetingz LYD
Re: ms dos commands,lost_in_eyes17,waseem, 040216 09:35
Wel i ask u plzz give me complete datail about all command in M-s Dos Programe.
Plz how we can change the C:> prompt?how we add our some other name.?
ok i m waiting ur anmswer.
thanx alot.
Re: ms dos commands Jeremy, 040222 02:12
To send a network message by dos shell i believe you just have to type (net send [remote computer's ip address] [message]) of course leave out the brackets and parenthesis...i'm not sure if that will work...cuz i'm kind of a newbie...and i don't know if there is a difference between dos shell and msdos...peace

Re: ms dos commands,alexbmartin71,xander, 040224 11:24
the pcs at school have windows 98 and all of the commands that i no doesnt exist like net send. please could someone tell me all the commandsfor 98 or how i could change them to the xp commands
Re: ms dos commands,PeterRegg,Pete, 040226 02:18
I need help. I like to send messeges through my school network at school using net send. I want to know if there is a way to mask or hide the sender name when it pops up on someones screen. (So they don't know who sends it) If anyone knows how can you please send me an email at and tell me how. Thank You

ms dos commands- net send kaytee, 040227 03:37
Hi! I am using Windows 98. I wanted to send network message by using the Net Send <pcname> <message> command in MS-DOS. However, it says that the Send command is unknown. May I know what is the cause of this?
Re: ms dos commands ,,matt, 040228 00:08
how can i open the d: drive from dos
ms dos,mik89,mik, 040228 00:13
how can open files from dos
ms dos commands,najee_online,najee, 040228 08:49
hi i want to know dos commands can u mail me plz
Re: ms dos commands,jwilliams639,Jonathan, 040302 05:40
How can i hide my computer name when using net send command.
same problems,smhumphries.98,SAMMY, 040302 11:10
we are having problems to with sending messages. our school technician siad to use NET SEND {name | * | /DOMAIN[:name] | /USERS} message but we cant figure it out any help would be cool.
Re: ms dos commands ,acube2007,adimeme, 040302 11:48
i want to know how to use the ms dos very well that is to now almost all the commands in it thanks
Re: ms dos commands ,acube2007,adimeme, 040302 11:48
i want to know how to use the ms dos very well that is to now almost all the commands in it thanks
Re: ms dos commands,acube2007,adimemem, 040302 11:50
i want to know how to use the me dos commands very well pls tell me the commands
Re: ms dos commands,acube2007,adimeme, 040302 11:50
i want to know how to use the me dos commands very well pls tell me the commands
Re: ms dos commands,limpbizkitkmr,john, 040303 23:40
how do i reboot my comp. with ms dos commands like
Re:same problem lc, 040305 01:07
Hi Sammy,

What that syntax means: net send {computername} {message} without the parenthesis.

I've tried this and it works great with xp, win nt, win 2000 but some how the syntax 'send' is not available in 98, please help.

Re: ms dos commands lc, 040305 01:09

It should be the same as the syntax use in win nt?

Re: ms dos commands,avi_love_u23,avinash, 040310 14:08
please send me all the ms dos commands with their proper syntax
Re: ms dos commands Abdulla, 040311 09:19
net send "i am a morron"
What is an external ms-dos command?,marinello_sg,marin, 040313 10:55
Hello! Here is my problem.
My hard disk had only one partition. I used "Partition Magic" to create a new partition. On the new created one i intended to install an XP operating system. I used a bootable CD to install it. At a certain moment, computer asked me if i wanted to repair the existing XP-OS and I entered Yes. Consequently, it did not continue the installation of a new XP-OS on the new partition i've created, but started to repair the existing one from the other partition. After some minutes computer displayed a sad message: fatal error; some of the files are corrupted and the installation cannot be continued. From this moment i couldn't acces neither the old XP, which was functional previosly, nor the new one, which I didn't finish to install. Finally a friend of mine brought me a good XP and i completed the installation. Here comes the surprise. When I started to check my information from my first partition but accessing through the XP-OS from the second partition, i found that all my information was perfectly preserved, except my documents. (They were under password). The computer told me that access to the documents was denied. Moreover, the folder with my documents had 0 bytes.
I turned to ms-dos. I used the dir command and i saw all my files and folders including the ones that i didn't have access to through Win XP. I managed to copy some unimportant files using copy command, instead i couldn't do the same with the folders. The trouble is that the last sub-directories, wherein all my documents lie, have no name, so I can't enter them to copy files from within. I tried the xcopy command to copy entire directories, but ms-dos tells me this is an invalid command. My questions are: can i perform such "external" commands (such as xcopy) on the ms-dos that i enter with "MS-DOS-startup disk" ; how can I copy entire directories and what alternative sollutions exist for such a problem?
Thank You! I'm looking forward to receiving your reply.
Re: ms dos commands,peterejunior987,JOHN C, 040313 16:09
Dear sir,
i want you to help me in this matter, plz give me the commands i will use when operating dos. i will be very grateful if you grant my reguest.
Re: ms dos commands Kf7avenger, 040313 23:14
Does anybody know How i can SEnd Images Using Net Send On A WinXP OS if so Just email me at WIth the Subject Sending Network Images Thanxx in advance
Re: ms dos commands,Cookie_skate,Corneliu, 040314 23:40
can u send me all the ms dos commands,please,
Re: ms dos commands,manojkumar42002,manoj, 040316 11:40
please send me all the ms dos commands with their proper syntax
Re: ms dos commands,obanor2001,chika, 040318 10:32
what dos command can i use to recover my file allocation table which is damaged
Re: ms dos commands Jore, 040319 13:44
use prompt /? at the command line to see help

the default is prompt $q$p or something.
Re: ms dos commands,key2ernest,ernest, 040319 14:49
pls show me some basic commands on ms dos
Re: ms dos commands ,james1767982,James, 040322 11:00
Type in Debug /?
Re: ms dos commands Subporn, 040322 19:47
Re: ms dos commands,claudioie,emeka, 040323 20:22
i want to know how to open a file given a file name COMAND COM
Re: ms dos commands,claudioie,emeka, 040323 20:22
i want to know how to open a file given a file name COMAND COM
Re: ms dos commands LordMephi, 040323 20:36
I can do the net send thing but now i want to be able use dos to message from me to another computer off the network... is this posible ?
How to copy the date in DDMMYY format,angelin.vijayaraj,Vijayaraj, 040324 18:04
Is it possible to copy the current date to a varibale in DDMMYY format.
Re: ms dos commands Jeroen, 040325 01:01
Re: ms dos commands,dam_xxx2003,Dam, 040325 11:15
How to Access Network Computer's using Ms-Dos..
Wht is the Command for tht ?
Re: ms dos commands,dam_xxx2003,Dam, 040325 11:16
Command for Accessing Network Computer's
wazz up bitch,salomon882004,salomon, 040325 16:48
Re: ms dos commands Miguel, 040326 00:56
Changing to .bat file
make a notepane with the name of the program and rename with whatever.bat and hit enter
Re: ms dos commands Hello, 040326 01:02
Xander, hello you need to change the program to Win Xp or you can do a upgrade online.
Re: ms dos commands chris, 040327 22:49
net send pcname message.

does that help
ms dos commands,dominicpg,dominic, 040328 16:42
my name is can i change my c: name , how can i hide my drivers ?

reply me 2 :
Re: ms dos commands peja, 040331 09:01
i don't know to install windows operating system by using ms dos command.. hopefully you can explaining me in detail by using it
sub 7,cadi19762001,cadi, 040401 12:03
someone can send me a version of sub7 2.1.1
message? Jon, 040401 17:33
how can i send a message in my network using MS DOS
Re: ms dos commands,mohamed4077,oijid, 040401 18:56
how to send image from computer to onther computer
Re: ms dos commands stp, 040401 20:34
no just text?
Re: ms dos commands,spexdude06,spexdude, 040402 06:15
is it possible to block your name when you send someone a message through dos?and if it is how?and if there is any other commands that might be fun to use on classmates just send.thank you.
Re: ms dos commands spexdude, 040402 06:24
to send a message u get on dos then u type
net send "address" then the message
to get the address u could just get on2 that persons comp. and get in2 dos and it should give somekind of name which is the address
Re: ms dos commands,thitagudishiva,shiva, 040403 03:52
I'd like to send a message to multiple users who are under one domain? what is the command for that?? can u plz help me out?
Re: ms dos commands spexduded, 040405 06:39
type in "net help send" and it shows u how 2 do several ways of sendin a message.
Re: ms dos commands,spyait,satyapal yadav, 040406 07:28
in my pc(windows 98) dos command "send " is not working
MS DOS Commands,Rahok_DarlorTeam,Rahok, 040406 15:07
ok... now for the list of dos commands, I'll give you a URL and I want all interested to check it out.. It gives you a rundown on many of the commands used in ms dos

How did I find this site? I googled it.. that would be the next answer to almost all of your questions.. got a question? google it first

Netsend is not a command on the windows 98 version... you must have the xp version to use this command...

As far as I know, you cannot mask who you are when you are netsending, because I haven't really searched up on it yet. Again, if you are really interested in this, put off some time to google this topic..

Well, I've run out of time, so-

Farewell and good hunting

Re: ms dos commands machin, 040406 22:26
hello there, if you type help at different command prompts then a list of commands will show up.
for quick reference go to
Re: ms dos commands machin, 040406 22:28
lol i didnt see the last post, he has the basic advice, google everything you dont know, thats what i do.
Re: ms dos commands Karel, 040410 21:46
I want to download the program CHOICE.COM. Does anyone know where I can download it? I have searched with some search engines but I can't find it.
whant a command for send msg,raja_b_7,raja, 040416 09:54
pls sir, i want a command to send message through network from command prompt
Re: ms dos commands,sehnabor,sanford, 040421 03:38
i whant to know how i can do a pc clean up with dos
Re: ms dos commands Yourmamma, 040421 21:48
type in HELP in your dos and it will give you a basic list of commands
Re: ms dos commands Samar, 040426 08:27
enter command net send /? on dos
Re: ms dos commands,rajeev_kalyr, rajeev, 040426 20:12
i want dos commands fully to do what ever i want to do in my computer so will u please send to me that dos commands to my mail. to format what command we have to use and if iget any problem with my computer what instructions ican use to solve that problem so will u please mail these commands to me
Re: ms dos commands,kridz19,ian, 040502 06:02
pls give me some of those ms dos program/and the commands
coz i just started to make program in ms dos
pls help me
Re: ms dos commands lloydy, 040503 11:00
yo just looking through earlier notes with regards to net send and win 98 someone having problems with it we had winxp in and 98 and the end terminals in my faculty and i found that originally i could use netsend as all one word and that worked fine then they changed something and we had to use net send 2 different words if that helps anyone and why do you wanna send images via dos k7avenger it sounds dodgy i think you should go to goole asnd type in dos commands - guide and leran for yourself or stick to what you know best and use email
Re: ms dos commands sthlmode, 040505 12:54
i was wondering if there was a way to disable the remote shutdown command in DOS on an XP machine (Example shutdown -i which gives the GUI to shutdown a network computer)
Re: ms dos commands Commando, 040509 22:46
type edit test.bat (you can make a system file)to a game or someting.
Re: ms dos commands Commando, 040509 22:53
type color help
Help me!,quangga,Quang, 040514 09:38
How do repair long filename when I copy file in MS-DOS. Please, help me!
Re: ms dos commands Evan, 040514 14:31
Okay simple way around all Net Send problems:
Instead of sending your message to just one computer in the network simply type this to send your message to all of them:
'Net Send * your message'
If your school board is linked with network, your message can travel even to different schools ... NEATO
Re: ms dos commands,justinjoerg,Justin, 040515 22:21

Im in DOS
Re: ms dos commands,loverboy_tiger,james, 040517 22:20
i want to know how to install win 98 in a pc i can,t get in to c drive when i rite c: nathing happens plz if u know how to fix mail me tanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
my friends
Re: ms dos commands si, 040518 18:19
my school has disabled the "net send" command
anyone have any info on the "MSG" command i can't work out how to send messages over the network just to myself (not very useful)
yes i have googled it...
Re: ms dos commands,nadeem_srs,nadeem, 040519 00:16
please send me some commands for speed up my net and voice conversation..thanx
Re: ms dos commands,nadeem_srs,nadeem, 040519 00:18
please send me some commands for speed up internet voice conversation
Re: ms dos commands whatever, 040520 23:00
just thought to help si regarding his school turning off the command. All you need to do is (this works provided you have administrative access which I do at my school) is (also this is win2k/XP) go Start>Control Panel>(Click classic view if necessary here)Administrative tools>Services

Then scroll down to Messenger and go to properties. Here select start. If not available then change the combo box to manual and then hit apply then start. Hey presto.....ok the window and shut the rest. Nothing more to it.
pissed pisses, 040521 02:03
any ideas on how i can speed up a dos game in win 98
Re: ms dos commands,discodon44,discodon, 040522 02:36
i got suspended for doing a net send at school
Re: ms dos commands,discodon44,discodon, 040522 02:39
just go to command promts and type net send * "your message here"
Re: ms dos commands kernel32, 040531 17:06
how to chat via ms-dos prompt???
hide deepak, 040607 11:37
hi, i want to know that how to hide a folder by using dos command my friend know that but he doesn't want to tell me!
Network files,vijaymoharle,vijay, 040607 14:26
I need to access Network files through Dos.Could you please let me know how to do it in DOS.
Re: ms dos commands Binil Shankar, 040607 14:30
Iam a computer operator i want how we can know the internet speed through MS-Dos.

Binil Shankar
Re: ms dos commands mm, 040608 20:37
can you please send some info on how to send messages through ms dos, thanks in advanced
Re: ms dos commands Just4Fun, 040609 17:04
c:\>NET SEND /DOMAIN:name /USERS message

Have fun ;-)
Re: ms dos commands Just4Fun, 040609 17:09
<< hi, i want to know that how to hide a folder by using dos command my friend know that but he doesn't want to tell me! >>

c:\>Attrib +h <file/foldername>
Enter in dos Robbie, 040611 17:16
Exist a command in dos that take the function of the Enter key???
I need to run a dos command from a java application and i don't know, after sending the code, how make dos execute...
anyone can help me???
Re: ms dos commands Spex, 040817 06:40
does ne1 know how 2 mask the name of where u r sending the message from?

mesage from "mask" to comp_342
Re: ms dos commands (Messaging people at school) MONKEY, 041220 18:47
in the dos prompt...
Re: ms dos commands,Rashid.rash.hinai,Hinai, 050101 11:37
How can i send a net message using PC address not user address, fore example, i use to write this >net send user id mesgs, but now i want send the message using PC id.

thanks for ur help
Re: ms dos commands Evan, 050118 06:20
How can you send more than one computername a message at one time?
Re: ms dos commands,supremeplayer69,nick, 050120 18:51
i am trying to send i net send at school and i cant get it to work at my old school i was able to do it but not here what am i dong wrong c:\windows>netsendlab-(computer number)
thanks for the help

problem in dos,vinkalsachdeva,vinkal sachdeva, 050125 07:51
Dear sir
I wants to be a master in DOS commands & I want all the information about DOS commands how can i use these commands with examples.
Thank you
Vinkal Sachdeva
Re: ms dos commands Mathieu 'P01' HENRI, 050125 13:14
Re: ms dos commands sohaib, 050131 12:31
hello msdos line chat
Re: ms dos commands,ryanfrancis_84,Ryan, 050131 21:39
How can i hide my computer name when using net send command?
Re: ms dos commands,alecantony,alec, 050201 11:50
what is the command to send message from one computer to another
through a LAN
Re: ms dos commands alex, 050210 03:57
how would you make an interactive thing and like if the person says something back you can have the app say something dependant apon what the person says???
Re: ms dos commands Jan!, 050514 15:02
Had enough of the influx of clueless kiddies, Milo? All hail the robots, eh?
Re: ms dos commands,sanjay_bhande,sanjay, 050906 13:04
is there is having any software to access network computer. i Know Ip adreess fo target computer
Re: ms dos commands Fuko, 050929 21:00
Yah i want to make it mask my computer that im on so i dont get busted
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