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[html] Browsebutton 23JUL, 011101 03:26
How do I change the [browse...] button name and appearance?

<input type="file" name="filet">
Re: [html] Browsebutton 23jul, 011101 20:41

Quoted from:

"Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera do not use the VALUE attribute as the default contents of the input area. Any default value set via HTML is not usable via scripting and the DOM as well (hence it is not listed as 'supported' in any of the browsers.) If a user enters text in the field however, that value is then reachable via the DOM as it normally would be for a normal INPUT field (via the .value property.) The reason for this behavior would presumably be to ensure the security/safety of users against malicious authors."

Hell, I am not a malicious author.
But ok, I really should stop asking more impossibilities.. ;-)
Re: [html] Browsebutton SleepleSS, 020930 15:27
But the normal browsebutton is ugly! There must be a way to chance the looks, otherwise it shall always ruin a lot of cool looking sites, I mean a grey button looks pretty out of place, if ALL other buttons are white (Snow) with a blue border...

So if anybody knows a way...
Re: [html] Browsebutton,jeroen,Jeroen, 021018 16:38
You COULD add a layer exactly on top of the browse button with a nice gif and refer to the browse action using javascript hahaha....

no I don't think it's possible ... yet.
Re: [html] Browsebutton,to_shibujoy,shibu, 050408 13:11
how to add an image over a browse button while running the application
ie i need instead of browser button i need to display an image in the place of browse button
help me to how to code this
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