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VB 6 Decompiler john, 040322 01:37
Does anyone know where I can get a Visual Basic 6 decompiler?

Re: VB 6 Decompiler Subporn, 040322 19:37
I dont think you can decompile vb6.
Re: VB 6 Decompiler Subporn, 040322 19:38
Well as far as I know, vb6 cannot be decompiled.
Re: VB 6 Decompiler Warning, 040403 13:33
vb6 can be decompiled, but not as well as the original source code... Anyway, you can download my soft which is an half-decompiler for vb5-vb6 programs... The professional version can disassemble process into ASM Code ...

best regards, Warning
Re: VB 6 Decompiler nagimark, 040427 10:15
THe decompilers doesnt work... is there a new one
Re: VB 6 Decompiler,wmccorp,Armia Abdul Hamid, 040429 14:31
I need the VB6 Decompiler for my programming
Re: VB 6 Decompiler benderr, 040503 05:27
Re: VB 6 Decompiler,adnan52136,adnan, 040508 08:47


most urgent to vb decompile please send to my mail

sir vbexe source code breake

Re: VB 6 Decompiler,netthink,murulidhara, 040512 06:51
Sir, I need this decompiler inorder to understand how actually the decompilation can be done
Re: VB 6 Decompiler,contacto19932003,jhon j. rodriguez, 040531 19:58
Sr, I need your help for descompiler a software of de visual foxpro. i hope that can you help me!
Re: VB 6 Decompiler ASD, 040609 02:59
iove measdmkah ndkadC
Re: VB 6 Decompiler Xsever, 050102 12:11
Yes vb6 can be decompiled, but target source code is not like the vb6 original source code and need a Recompile with other tiny compiler, i have it , i wrote it in Delphi 7.0
Re: VB 6 Decompiler,bhavsar_mk108,mukesh bhabsar, 050112 14:29
please send me vb6 de-complier, immediatly. i want to de-compiled by excisting vb6 exe ( i lost my source code )
Re: VB 6 Decompiler or mde access file decompiler,okj_jcs,Joe Haddad, 050205 01:26
Please I lost my source code in mde access database ,So plz help me
if you can to decompile to mdb
Re: VB 6 Decompiler,chrishantha0084,Chrishantha Tissera, 050215 03:55
I need vb 6 decompiler for me.
Re: VB 6 Decompiler Yimpolo, 050224 21:14
The only VB decompiler with decent results is Semi VB Decompiler -
To bad there is no trail version though
Re: VB 6 Decompiler,f14_f21,hamed, 050411 09:07
Hi , I Dont Khnow what is about VB6 Decompiler Please Explain More .
Re: VB 6 Decompiler kathmanduHacker, 050422 07:50
I have VB 6 Decompiler...."VB RezQ"But it does't show Source Code.....ok
If some one need E-mail me.
Re: VB 6 Decompiler jaspreet, 050428 16:38
sir i need ur help. sir i want the foxpro decompiler
i have the demo version . but i need full version .
so pls help me ..

thanks and regards
Re: VB 6 Decompiler,zaid_zzzz,zaid, 050428 17:33
i have tried decompiling a program, i want to change the image on the forms. i have tried VB ReFormer, VB RezQ and Semi VB Decomplier but when after i replace the images the program doesnt work.
i would really appriciate if ne one would help me in regard to this.

Thank you
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