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MS Dos Commands - Useful? avenger, 050112 04:47
My high school uses Novell and an elaborate system of users. They close off all ways to get into different programs if you login as a student. However, i found a way to get into MS-Dos (they did not close off "Help" and therefore there are links to the CMD PROMPT)..

So far, I've been having lots of fun sending different people messages using "Net Send MS999999 'Hello'" and watching their reactions... But this is getting old..

Does ne one else know any other 'useful' commands or suggestions that could help me?
Re: MS Dos Commands - Useful?,vigncc,Vignesh, 050324 08:39
what is the basic steps for the hacking?
is there any commands to know the administrater password?
how we can access other net work computers?
Re: MS Dos Commands - Useful? qwert59, 050427 22:45
here's a site.... you can also just google it
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