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location.assign help slow learner, 050405 23:20
Is there a way to combine a location.assign command and a open.window command in order to re-assign the current window to a location and expand it so that it is full screen with only a status bar and no scrollbar?

I can set it up either one way or the other, but I would like to have combine them some way because most users who have popup blockers will block the website when it tries to open.
Re: location.assign help Mathieu 'P01' HENRI, 050406 03:10
Ask Google, it knows how to manipulate a window by hearth.

Beside, why would you want to break the user's experience by removing the navigation tools they are familiar with ? Not to mention that they may want to browse another site and won't bare to see yours intruding their work space by going fullscreen. Finally modern browsers also block windows manipulations ( focus, blur, resize, move, ... ). Do you really want to give more reasons to the people using deprecated browsers to switch to a better one and say good bye to your site at the same time ?
Re: location.assign help slow learner, 050406 15:36
Answer to question 1) Even in fullscreen they can minimize the window if they would like to browse another I have set up navigational icons on the site for users to use.

Answer to question 2) It is not my sight, and the company who wants the site wants it to expand fullscreen. I am merely the messenger.
Re: location.assign help Mathieu 'P01' HENRI, 050406 21:19
For a second I thought you wanted to do a chromeless window. Sorry.

Oh, you did not mentionned it was for a client. Clients generally have no clue on usability and accessibility. I sympathize with you. If possible try to "educate" them, or the project manager, on the things to do and the things not to do.

Sure a huge window makes it easier to firmly set a design/brand but it also annoy the users to see a site taking control of their browser. There is other ways to set a brand and catch the attention of the users.

Ok, you mimic the functionnality of the browser, but is it easily possible ( without right-clicking to pick the URL of the current page/frame ) for the users to provide a direct link to a sub page ? If it's not, the design/architecture is wrong.
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