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apache and php doesnt matter, 050720 01:03
apache: 2.0.54
php: 4.4.0-Win32

help, when i try to view a php file, i get this error message

Not Found
The requested URL /WebServer/php/php.exe/index.php was not found on this server.
Apache/2.0.54 (Win32) Server at Port 80
what does apache mean when it says that? i messed around with apaches httpd.txt thing. i'm not asking you somewone to fix the problem for me, but, i just dont understand why this is happening. i also put "php.ini" and "php4ts.dll" in different locations especially in "c:\windows" and "c:\windows\system".

please, what does this mean?
Re: apache and php doesnt matter, 050720 03:14
i just checked it, i used the windows dos command line program (whatever you want to call it), and php works.

i just dont know what apache is doing when it comes across a php file then displays that error message.

sorry if i didnt put up enough information, but, i just dont know what else to put up short of showing the whole "conf/httpd.txt" file.
Re: apache and php Milo, 050720 09:05
It looks like you're using php as a cgi binary rather than as an Apache module (the php install.txt has instructions for both). I vaguely recall (from years ago) misconfigured cgi settings could cause errors like this, no idea how to prevent it though. I'd suggest following the instructions in install.txt for installing php as a module instead.
Re: apache and php doesnt matter, 050729 19:15
got it

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