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erase a harddrive & install windows 98392-278, 051219 01:08
did know where to post this question so i put it in here...

i need to know if there is some DOS command or something that will be able to erase the whole hard drive and with my copy of windows xp cd i will install that. i tried the cd already but it is not erasing the old operating system from the hard drive, it is merely just replacing any operating system files (ie., \WINDOWS\).

also when i boot the computer, it prompts me which operating system to install. all i want is to erase the hard drive.
Re: erase a harddrive & install windows Jan!, 051220 22:32
You can format the target partition during Windows XP's setup. I don't know off-hand, but maybe there's an advanced section you have to get to first.
Re: erase a harddrive & install windows Chris, 051223 17:37
You need to delete the partition. When you boot using the XP disk, choose to bypass the repair of the current installation. See link: . Also you could use a third party source to format your hard disk. I came accross this boot and nuke disk image the other day and have been meaning to try it: . Good luck!
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