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linux compatible hardware user 4574, 060216 22:46
hey, i'm seriously considering migrating to linux from windows on my personal computer but i wanted to know if there is something (like a program or a website) that can determine if my hardware (or at least the major parts of hardware [motherboard, graphiucs, etc...]) is compatible with some version of linux.

i've tried but it doesnt seem to have the availability to check certain hardware (ie external storage by SimpleTech) so i was wondering if there was something like that for a different version of linux.
Re: linux compatible hardware absolut, 060224 04:29
You can list your devices here and I will tell you is compatible.
Re: linux compatible hardware user 4574, 060224 18:15
well, let me see if i can pick this apart, there is only just several devices that i would prefer to be compatible... others i can just switch back to windows...

devices i prefer:
dell dimension 3000 (i think the BIOS is Rev A01)
simpletech external harddrive
sony internal dvd burner drive
wireless mouse and keyboard (came with computer)
monitor (came with computer)

with luck, these would work:
dell dj 30GB
dell AIO 922 printer

i think i got everything and the info about each...
thanks for any help
Re: linux compatible hardware absolut, 060301 03:15
I think the only one problem you can encounter is lack of drivers for the printer. It seems like Lexmark does not have Linux driver that fully support your printer.
Re: linux compatible hardware user 4574, 060302 20:34
now which version or distribution of linux are you checking for compatability?
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