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computer viruses user 4574, 060608 06:43
i found this website:
and its said:
There are about 60,000 viruses known for Windows, 40 or so for the Macintosh, about 5 for commercial Unix versions, and perhaps 40 for Linux.
i was just wondering if this was accurate? or at least close? since i use linux, its a nice piece of information to brag about to my buddies who use that other OS ( microsuck winblows )...
Re: computer viruses uos, 060608 22:35
@( microsuck winblows )...

does a thief rob the store which is interesting for his point of view?
only one message: microsoft windows or as you call it microsuck winblows is not only the most common and widespread OS but also a crackers heaven.(^^)

well, about the accuracy of that statment you ask 'bout - i belive its possible: 1. cuz linux/unix society is all about hacking(we know hackers *AINT* crackers)/protecting
2. every single kid/fool/idiot/mindless animal, but most of all - LAMER with computer uses WINDOWS. the bad thing is that they are all about:
"lets delete this, lets delete that, lets restart, lets kill, put that server down, turn off new york's power supply (^^) etc."
so dont shit on our user-friendly, giveing-admin-pass-away vindouz!!!!!!
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