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copy paste huphtur, 010927 21:05
Hrm... you know what 'sucks' (big word, but I dont really mean it like that ofcourse) bout yur site milov? I cant highlite any text from yur news.
Re: copy paste,milo,milov, 010927 22:01
I know, and you're right, it sucks... working on fixing it...
Re: copy paste 23JUL, 010927 22:05
Degrade your browser.
Use IE5.0 ;-)
Re: copy paste,milo,milov, 010927 22:22
I'm always impressed by the way MS managed to work totally *new* bugs into new versions.
Re: copy paste,Unfunkshunal_23,Marianne, 030805 22:49
WeLkAm To MaH SiTe!! DuNt YoU Eva TaKe MaH PoEm!!!
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