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Computer Programmers Salary 98392-278, 030911 22:47
can anyone tell me how much a computer programmer makes? not just a web designer but if some one has trouble with their computer they call 'this' person. how much does 'this' person make?
Re: Computer Programmers Salary,alan3r,alan, 031105 23:19
howm much does a computer programmer make a year?months.ect
Re: Computer Programmers Salary, 031105 23:37
It depends, in a very busy period he can make up to 20 computerprogramms a week, when there not a lot of work obviously he/she makes less programms, ;-)
Re: Computer Programmers Salary,shadowsponge396,Lee, 031114 14:01
How much money do computer programmers make? Please respond ASAP.
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Calm_Pear, 031115 22:07
Here's a recent list in Dutch:

where you want to be looking at the bottom of the page,
a Dutch senior system designer makes an avarage of 3462 Euro gross(!) a month, a senior software engineer 3296 etc...

Some (obvious) translations:
Programmeur: Programmer
Functioneel: Functional
Technisch: Technical
Beheerder: Administrator
Applicatie: Application
Systeem: System
Medewerker: Operator (?, fellow-worker, contributor)
Ontwikkeling: Development
Leider: Leader
Ontwerper: Designer

Translation from the top:
The month salary is the gross income, minus vacation reservations, 13th month (a Dutch thing), end of year benefit (Also a Dutch thing I guess) and variable incomes. Everything in Euro's off course. Startsalaris means: 25% of the people who responded earn less, 75% more. Middensalaris means: 50% earns less, 50% more. Eindsalaris means: 25% earns more, 75% less.
Re: Computer Programmers Salary and UAI,miss_roxy_85,Ella, 040214 00:55
what is the starting salary of a computer programmer and what UAI is required?please reply its urgent for a year 10 assignment im doing
Re: Computer Programmers Salary !!!!, 040223 20:40
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Mike, 040226 07:59
Well in US various wages $20,000 - $200,000 dollars
$20,000 would be a low-end tech web designer, help desk or any non-formal educated technician.

30,000-40,000 would be a computer science degree Bach Science 4 years.
Sometimes A+ / A++ certifies are more valuable then 4-8 years
of college even though a DONKEY could get a A+ certificate with enough

Specialty PROGRAMS like COLBOL / RPG in USA get you >60,000 dollars
and if you have security clearance for the US defense department
can get you over $100,000 a year for just a programmer.

A lead programmer or coordinator
with SECURITY CLEARANCE / SPECIALITY /Master's Degree / and some
sort of business degree I seen $250,000 a year.

Note most of programmers in US make 25,000-35,000 because the
India and Russia market wages are so low they pull our wages
down to close to the amount a waiter would make.
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Chris, 040226 17:11
What classes are need for becoming a computer programmer? Which mathematical classes are needed?
Re: Computer Programmers Salary,rwbaseball3,ryan wagoner, 040311 16:02
how much does a regular computer programmer make a year
Re: Computer Programmers Salary ??, 040314 23:45
I found out that programmers should take 1 year of Algebra, 1 year of Geometry, and .5 years of Trigonometry
Re: Computer Programmers Salary,rrose6,Robert, 040323 14:17
I find as a student in computer programming that you need to have a strong critcal thinking background and a good knowledge of the terms and conditions of a language before you try to learn it it makes the process easy and less complicated. if this help cool if not rte post what you are looking for
Re: Computer Programmers Salary,deader15,dude japan, 040405 20:03
like whats the "better" field to get into cuz like i love hardware and i want to get into i dunno im a 19 year old dude who is just trying to figure out if i get into computers i at least wanna make some money and not just end up fixing atm machines for min if anyone has any suggestions id be more than happy to hear them.
Re: Computer Programmers Salary,llmattox,James, 040415 21:47
How much does a computer engineer a year straight out of college.
Re: Computer Programmers Salary anus, 040421 19:04
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Terd Ferguson, 040426 15:58
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Re: Computer Programmers Salary Esuna, 040427 15:20
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Re: Computer Programmers Salary Esuna, 040427 15:32
I want to get into Video Games. Im only a 14 year old kid. I lov them!!! LOL Im rich bi-atch!!!!!
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Alex, 040427 16:19
i like video games
I know someone who makes web pages and makes 120,000
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Esuna, 040428 15:16
Thats cool. I might work for Square Enix, Nintendo, or SCEA!
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Richard S., 040510 07:44
I'm the lead programmer at a small software company called logisys, and I make 40 dollars an hour, aproximatly 80k a year.
Hope this helps you with your report thing. :)
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Death, 040512 15:22

REALLY I AM RICH. I am starting my Airplane business. ERA. The Eric Roberts Airlines.
Re: Computer Programmers Salary fgh, 040517 06:10
Re: Computer Programmers Salary,thejerk4,Robert, 040518 04:26
Depends man. You cant just say "all programmers make x amount of money" It depends on you and the company you work for.
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Re: Computer Programmers Salary Nick Darley, 050127 07:52
Hey Guys Whats Up BY June 2005 i will be A+ certified for FREE yea. I Am Taking a class called cybercorp that will get me a+ certified for free and im taking a Visual Basic class to get started. the url i gave is my site with just a few small basic programs. i dont know how this posting thing works for the url at least but heres the link just in case
Re: Computer engineer Salary ,bou samra,charbel, 050127 16:45
i want to be a computer engineer in a very high degree(the top) .i just want to know how much does a computer engineer earn before i take this step . if he earns a little i want to know just to chnage my mind and get another career
thank you
Re: Computer engineer Salary ,bou samra,charbel, 050127 16:47
i want to be a computer engineer in a very high degree(the top) .i just want to know how much does a computer engineer earn before i take this step . if he earns a little i want to know just to chnage my mind and get another career
thank you
Re: Computer engineer Salary,girls_hunter577,charbel bou samra, 050127 16:48
i want to be a computer engineer in a very high degree(the top) .i just want to know how much does a computer engineer earn before i take this step . if he earns a little i want to know just to chnage my mind and get another career
thank you
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Mathieu 'P01' HENRI, 050127 23:07
My oh my, I've got chicken skin when I see the communicative passion of the next generation of computer engineers.
Re: Computer Programmers Salary dream boy, 050203 14:15
i really wanna noe if satec is a good high school
Re: Computer Programmers Salary dream boy, 050203 14:16
anyone there huh huh
Re: Computer Programmers Salary angel johnston, 050218 19:27
What is the salary or hourly rate of a computer programmer?
please get back to me soon. i am writing a report for my college class about computer programming.
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Mathieu \'P01\' HEN…, 050218 19:43
Could you precise the domain(s) of expertise of the "computer programmer" you want the hourly rate of ?
Re: Computer Programmers Salary just a student, 050327 03:44
just a question
apart from a computer B.A. or B.S. degree, what else is
required to be hired as a programmer?
Re: Computer Programmers Salary,derwinj,D.J. Jackson, 050419 04:09
I am doing a report and I want to know how much does the person with all the degrees get paid a year?????
Re: Computer Programmers Salary Ish, 050506 00:45
No idea
But an average of 20-25 dollars an hour
Re: Computer Programmers Salary,Darklordoftheeast,Chris, 050518 05:32
What percent do computer programmers get?
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