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Mr,arun03,Arun, 031110 22:23
In IE I try to use ctrl+Enter but instead of appending .com a page of some search engine opens ... it seems ctrl+Enter key combination has ben locked by some application on my PC ..please someone help me so that I can use this key combination. Not that I am directed to some stupid search engine site.

When I type yahoo and C+Enter
Address bar shows

for some time and then next url is displayed ie ""

Please help .....

Thanks in Advance.
Re: Mr,sureshvaishya,Suresh, 031114 07:32
Hi Even I am facing similar problem. I dont know what exactly the problem is. I tried searching in net for the same, but couldnt find any useful information. Please help

Re: Mr,sureshvaishya,Suresh, 031114 07:39
Hi Arun,
I got solution for this. Go to this link and probably your problem should be solved

Re: Mr,isaac.mounce,Isaac, 031124 06:15
I had the same annoying problem. Thanks for the solution!
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