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Safe mode screen on boot-up ,dp.bailey,Humptydingo, 040402 10:32
Live in France. Installed Wanadoo ADSL/Thomson modem software and the screen now boots up in safe mode (i.e. huge screen icons, words, colour distortion). Can't change settings etc. on screen because screen is too big to apply changes. Tried re-installing three times - no change. Have occasionally got a CnxMon.exe error message. What's the problem and how can I resolve it?
Re: Safe mode screen on boot-up Calm_Pear, 040402 14:21
Uninstall modem software and boot. Try to find updated modem softwarez on the internet (on another computer of course). Call Wanadoo and tell them what happend, call them names also. Find a friend that knows what (s)he's doing and let him/her fix it for you.
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