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Lightweight Paint Program 23JUL, 021206 19:41
Most of the time, I just have to put or adjust 3 pixels to a picture/icon. Since PaintShopPro and/or PaintShop are getting to big, I am searching for a free or ultra cheap lightweight paint program.

I really liked: Deluxepaint or PaintShopPro 4.12, the first one didn't support png, besides that: current os doesn't support the first one either, and I don't know if the latter does support transparent png; I couldn't find the program anymore.

It should at least have support for any sized pictures, png and transparency.

Any idea's?
Re: Lightweight Paint Program mados, 021211 18:51
Take a look at Paint Shop Pro 3.11! I used it for years and I think it fits all your needs:

Additional recomandations:
Re: Lightweight Paint Program poi, 021212 16:10
check out. You may found some interresting tools.
Re: Lightweight Paint Program Drake+S, 030312 10:29
have you looked into Gimp for linux and winGimp32 for Windows?
How about SerifPhotoPlus....?

Both the above are free.

Also, openOffice has an image program...I'm not sure on how good it is..but it's free too.

BTW: Why does size matter. Is it the load times that bug you?
Re: Lightweight Paint Program websafe, 030616 20:04
This thread's title interested me because it's always a trade-off for me, whether I want to get involved in the power and complexity of Photoshop, or "rest" with much simpler paint/draw programs, even crude ones like MS Paint. For me it's not just load times or file sizes but simply the mass of steps to remember. As an artist I want to get into my right brain and just DO, intuitively. Drag and drop features are a godsend.

The example below was created on a digital whiteboard from

Re: Lightweight Paint Program hi morto, 050213 19:51
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Re: Lightweight Paint Program hi morto, 050213 19:52
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