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logo competition ::louis, 011222 02:43
Friends of graphics HELLO!
I announce to you with the passage that a competition for A-grade officials place on a site of organization of plays in named network " VX-Network " []. To be more precise, it is a contest for realization of their graphic charter (logo mainly). To have more infos [sorry but it in french], go to - > < -.

Then feather pencil pen mouse and ashtray, WITH the JOB! Make quickly because the limiting date of sending is the january 12 2002.
Re: logo competition ::louis, 011222 02:44
sorry i translate it whif this f*** translator of altavista
Re: logo competition websafe, 030616 20:21
I see that this post is very old, but I couldn't help leaving a comment in sympathy, re: automatic "translators." I've tried a number of them available free on the Web, including, for example, Google's Language Tools. It can be useful, but only if one knows the second language pretty well already.

I might be of help with refining translations -- I'm a native English speaker (American), with 10 years of French in school, and a little German and Italian.

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