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image include,milo,milov, 010513 14:34
I expanded the forum-script with the ability for people to include images in their posts (seemed like a neat thing for the Graphics-board). How to to it is explained in the Notes below the form. Here's a test:


(found on an old diskette)
Re: image include,jeroen,Jeroen, 010520 01:49
err.....don't think its working :-)

hey! What about smileys support! (noooooo!)
Re: image include,milo,milov, 010520 08:46
Oops, you're right. I changed the code so that absolute image urls (with http...) would work, but now this relative url doesn't work anymore.
Re: image include Pim, 020607 20:46

Re: image include Pim, 020607 20:47
is het de spatie?
Re: image include Pim, 020607 20:47
yep :-)
Re: image include milov, 020607 21:17
Jij moet nodig een eigen site... ;)
Re: image include mados, 020614 04:54
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