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Color matching link?,marc,marc, 020705 16:18
Some time ago either milo or another website had a link to a website where you could find colors that looked nice together.

I'm trying to make a tool for a friend of mine which will enable him to find a pallete of nice looking colors. Does anybody know where to find perhaps a routine/source code that does this?

Re: Color matching link? milov, 020705 16:31
were you referring to this?
...not really much of an algorithm. picks two random colours and calculates inbetween colour values, with occasional random variation.
Re: Color matching link?,marc,marc, 020705 19:25
Urhm.. well I have seen that one and I think it's pretty good! But I'm actualy looking for something like:

I have been trying to figure out how they did it, but well... maybe someone knows and has the algorithm ready on the shelf...
(me being a bit lazy)
Re: Color matching link? huphtur, 020706 00:03
Re: Color matching link? huphtur, 020706 00:57
or this one:
original is from but site seems to be down.
Re: Color matching link?,marc,marc, 020706 10:04
Thanks huphtur, thats exactly what I was looking for!!
Re: Color matching link? websafe, 030616 20:15
This thread was very interesting indeed. This whole question of what colors look "good" together ... It can be determined mathematically/scientifically, clearly -- but then there is the human/intuitive element!

Milov, I like your random-color piece quite a bit; the only problem I have with it is the way the squares flash out at one -- a splashy effect, but hard on the eyes! Also -- if I were going to use it to generate color swatches for a design project, I'd want it to hold still in between sets.
Re: Color matching link? chad, 040120 15:07
to get colours that look nice together, you just use a circlepicker, but only change one value- eg same brightness and hue, different saturation, or same brighness and saturation, different hue.
Re: Color matching link? John, 040317 07:34
The Color Schemer link is back up:

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