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City Ehartwig, 040708 05:57
After seeing many city pictures that have been taken at night or with the same looking cityscape pictures I wanted to try and get a picture that would show a city from a different perspective. This is what I could find and take a picture of.

Alley Way

Traffic on 2 levels

I have just started so I would like to hear your thoughts or see some of yours.
Re: City milov, 040708 12:30
Nice, although they seem a bit slanted; I would've cropped 'm differently. What city is this?

Here's a photo of mine that sort of fits in with the theme, I think:
Re: City Ehartwig, 040708 18:30
I like the way you captured the reflections of the buildings in the water.

Your right about them being slanted. I should have tried to fix that. This was one of my first times taking pictures for show and I need to know for next time what things to keep in mind while taking the pictures.

I took these pictures in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Where was yours taken?
Re: City milov, 040708 22:30
In Rotterdam, Holland. See for more.
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