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lets do this! huphtur, 020420 01:51
since playoffs are starting...
heres a pic i shot few days ago
buddy of mine went to a lakers - kings game
and actually made it on tv!
Re: lets do this! huphtur, 020420 04:15
hrm.. this has absolutely nothing to do with photography, rather then me pressin the button on the digicam heh...
i suck.
Re: lets do this! suejon, 020503 13:29
you gotta start somewhere and dont be so critical of yourself. besides art including photography is what you make of it. its a message or just a memory or a abstract thought. you should see my first pics from two years ago i crindge when i see them.xoxoxox
Re: lets do this!,mmcmiller,lisa, 040128 01:55
Should I take my secret fantasy and go all the way and put aside hesitation and just go for it all the way creatively and personally?
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