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April 2006 (continued)

PingMag - Scott Campbell: Misforming Transformers [via]

March 2006

Altona statue
opposite view of 3562.

altona statue - flash and shockwave works

Using MS Word spell-check auto-correct to generate English sentences from pixel-data == a very cool idea

February 2006


Coolest statue in Rotterdam: the 3 meter tall Gundam-inspired GUARD by Hans van Bentem.

Derek Yu's Pixel Art Tutorial [via]

January 2006

My Moleskine - [via]

December 2005

little animals - drawings blog [via]

Konijntje Snoepfles

Yes, this is a 12m high inflatable green plastic bunny. Quite a sight to pass on my way to work every morning. More info...

Dear Computer, [via]

BLU - drawings and street art

October 2005

Ji Lee's The Bubble Project now has its own domain name

two monkeys
spotted near Station Rijswijk.

Sketchplanet - Art for everyone! [via]

September 2005

muzenplein sculpture

Muzenplein sculpture

sculpture steps
side view of weena sculpture

August 2005

coolsingel sculpture

coolsingel sculpture

weena sculpture

weena sculpture
What I was actually photographing before I spotted 3215 in the background...


July 2005

Rubbish Drawings [via]

The Most Beautiful Machine

May 2005

Reuben Margolin :: The Wave

April 2005 Forums - FUTURAMA cast re-design

Guerilla poster art for Firefly [via]

March 2005


Unicode Chart - [via]

Drawn! - grouplog about illustration and drawing [via]

February 2005

Wooster Collective : A Celebration of Street Art [via]

artist-created Russian nesting dolls [via]

UCSC Engineering Building Gets an 8bit Upgrade [via]

January 2005

FonzTeeVee - Murals for ROC AMSTERDAM [via]

December 2004

Cartoon Character Skeletal Systems [via]

November 2004

Setpixel // Index [via]

August 2004

Barcelona Graffiti [via]

July 2004

the box doodle project [via]

Revenge of the Tattooed Nerds [via]

May 2004

Paperclip Art - Justin Schlecter's portfolio of intricate geometric paperclip sculptures. [via Ned Batchelder]

August 2003

read more »

Reality Hacking - interesting urban/outdoor art projects. [via teradome]

July 2003

Lightness Demonstrations - flash anims of optical illusions. [via this Metafilter thread]

Radiohead - Hail to the Wing - In AD 2101, war was beginning... [by danelope, via Low Weblog]

Naar Voren: Pixel Art - leuk artikel van Arjan Westerdiep.

Hektor - a spray-can printer! (site is under construction but try the jpg, pdf and mpg.) [via jwz]

June 2003

destroy all lines graffiti near Schiedam Centrum

- Ben Wa - Destroy All Lines - mp3 at
- Why graffiti? "(To) destroy all lines."

Stencilling tutorials at Stencil Revolution - don't much care for covering my neighborhood in paint but converting some photos to stencil-like images should be fun... [via Knurpslog]

May 2003

April 2003

Project Dogwaffle - paint program for Windows, of which an earlier version can be downloaded for free. If the Gallery images are anything to go by, this might be a fun opportunity to put the ol' graphics tablet to use again. [via SCC308 Downloads page]

Papercraft corner - printable cutesy paper folding patterns; you can apparently make your own with this Windows app. And please, be careful while using an edged tool. [via Karma Universe]

Via Google, more papercraft sites (in Japanese, but click around and you'll find some .pdf files):
- (five sample .pdf's at top)

March 2003

den haag


I walked across the Muzenplein in Den Haag for the first time today, where I spotted this big bronze face artwork, an impressive sight from any distance.

February 2003

:: Witold Riedel :: NYC :: - posting subway sketchbook excerpts. [via]

November 2002

blue artwork in Delft

"cartoons drawn on the back of business cards" by Hugh MacLeod [via mr. leuschke]

October 2002

Friendly Dictators Trading Cards as illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz. [via linkmachinego]

Ernst Haeckel: Kunstformen der Natur 1899-1904 [via]

A Paper Folding Project - "Relax for a bit and appreciate this intermediate result". [via 990000] - distorted Quake gamemodification art.
And: - ongoing archive of experiments and artworks using computer game technologies. [via Suppose]

September 2002

Project Blinkenlights: Watching Arcade Live

The Most and Least Wanted Paintings - I remember this survey from a couple of years ago. Scroll down to see the striking difference between Holland's Most Wanted painting and the other paintings. [via this Metafilter thread] posts another series of urban tags. [via Karma Universe]

Below the wireframe whale statue, previously featured on 1239 and 1438.

August 2002

Grip by Moboid - Abstract art created with the Quake 3 engine.
[via [via]]

Wateringen, plein, walvis kunstwerk

street view
See also: 1239

July 2002

Andy Goldsworthy: temporary art made from nature
[via a n t e n n a]

June 2002

JENVILLE: Big Astronauts from Little Astronauts [via Uren.Dagen.Nachten]

Wooden Mirror. Wow. [via]

Refresh - The Art of the Screen Saver - 22 artworks/screen savers by 22 artists. [via Midnight Factory]

Stencil Art at [via catherine's pita [via 990000]]

wireframe whale statue, wateringen walvis

wireframe whale statue (a local artwork)

interesting abstract grafitti:

cool art and illustrations:
- Ayumu Kashiwakura
- Yoshio Sugiura
- Dagaro

[via mailing list]

April 2002


Subway Life - drawing people on the subway all over the world. Unfortunate flash interface, but nice. [via]

February 2002

Inversions by Scott Kim [via this MetaFilter thread]

January 2002 - a bunch of media artists having fun with a Soviet-era 32meter dish antenna. [via Uren.Dagen.Nachten]

Vincent van Gogh: The Letter Sketches [via]

D A N W I T Z - Selected Street Works. [via pallalink]

November 2001

The Art of Rockatree [via erroneous referrer]