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April 2006

dragdropupload extension for Firefox - drop files into file upload forms instead of browsing

February 2005

Nick Verstappen - Waarom een modernere browser?

December 2004

First Look at Firefox-Based Netscape [via]

November 2004

Currently installed Firefox extensions:
ChromEdit, ColorZilla, IEView, View Cookies, Linky, Digger, Add Bookmark Here, Autohide, Go Up, Undo Close Tab and EditCSS.

Of these, Undo Close Tab is the one I miss the most after every fresh new Firefox install. Always a shock if I find out too late I've forgotten to install it... :)

Add Bookmark Here is a recent discovery that I'm liking a lot. It really takes the frustration out of trying to add a bookmark to a specific (sub)folder.

September 2004

A Guide To Firefox Extensions [via]

August 2004

Browse Happy [via]

Spoofing the Firefox 0.9 UI [via]

July 2004

I Love This Browser!

How to write Firefox extensions [via]

Firefox - Switch [via]

how Safari and Mozilla render web pages [via [via]]

February 2004

Firebirdfox 0.8 is out!
Seems very speedy to me (but maybe that's because I've been using Internet Explorer for the past 4 days).

Update: see also Branding Firefox [via]

May 2003

Wow, 12 chars of html that are guaranteed to crash Internet Explorer every time:

<input type>

(save as .html file and open in IE to try it out)
[via Karma Universe / Fuckhedz]

April 2003

To further confuse the Mozilla/Phoenix naming issues, in 1986 a company called Firebird published a game called Chimera!

February 2002

brentashley on NS4: "Okay, I'm tired of being polite about it [...] I'm not listening LA LA LA LA LA."

November 2001

Trying out K-Meleon once again... Much improved since last time - and very tweakable.