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June 2006 (continued)


a single dotted transparent surface in front of a reflective surface; reminded me of this animation that I made 6 years ago.

More interesting stuff from in front of Rotterdam CS...

on the roof

on the roof
some dude relaxing in the sun on the roof of Rotterdam CS...
(random snapshot while walking)

broken tram window


NAI ducks


May 2006

camera controls



coots bw

coots bw

guard bw



Nederlands Architectuurinstituut entrance

first gr digital post!

I got myself a new camera, the unique Ricoh GR Digital. I've been eyeing this thing for months, reading tons of reviews and viewing the hundreds of photos on Flickr tagged with grdigital.

First thoughts: looks and feels really cool in a retro way, quite slim and light, macro mode is awesome. Now to take it outside in the sun and test it some more...

April 2006

crossing weena bw

rooftop photography fun

rooftop photography fun

March 2006

Duisburg hauptbahnhof

Duisburg hbf1

February 2006

kids on schouwburgplein

December 2005

uneven distribution

uneven distribution
view big or you'll miss the bird

November 2005

table legs



October 2005


Experimenting with manual focus and forced b/w mode.

July 2005

water droplets on leaf 2

water droplets on leaf


shell rijswijk entrance

click to view full

In de buurt van Station Rijswijk.

June 2005

rotterdam weena bw

click to view big

Much like the previous photo, having to walk a different route because of the construction works at Rotterdam CS lead to another lucky photo opportunity today.

photo: rotterdam tram

May 2005


This is the same leaf that I scanned in and used as a background image in this design five years(!) ago (the template is broken but you get the idea, I hope).

ducks bw

Three weeks later, those cute duckies have gotten a little bigger and a lot cheekier.

April 2005

submerged tiles


March 2005

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