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May 2004 (continued)

Grey Box Design Methodology [via]

CollyLogic: ticked off visited links

Design Eye for the Usability Guy [via]

November 2003

New background image: 'Small City Lights' (reload if you still see the old one), featuring the building of 2335 and the bridge of 1639.

Don't know how long it will last; it sort of forces me to add some colour to the rest of the design (which is looking awfully grayscale at the moment) to balance it out.

October 2003

Speaking of stylish <ul> listings, check out IF THEN ELSE (who also caught the redesign bug this week)'s take on it; scroll down a bit and hover over the leftside menus. By already showing a tiny border in the default link state, and increasing the border size on hover, it looks like LEDs lighting up. Pretty colours!

Update: check out his newly added HOW-TO.

July 2003

mezzoblue - Times New Roman - talks about making the font look more modern by playing with line-height, word-spacing and letter-spacing properties. I tried to make these here Times New Roman weblog texts look less defaulty by slightly reducing the line height. [via]

Look, a new header image! Only 6 months since the previous changeover, even. Font/colour/layout changes of menu and content columns to follow...

Much thanks to the people of the local construction company for leaving these very tall floodlights standing like this night after night (see also 2211).

May 2003

January 2003

Neil's Place - Usability Quiz – "The following are diagrams of the controls inside the three adjacent elevators [...] Can you determine the usability problem that the elevator panels have?"

December 2002

Slashdot | Joe Clark interview on web usability [via Eend]

November 2002

Digital Web Magazine - An interview with Dr. Jakob Nielsen, usability expert [via GUUUI [via (:\/)]]

September 2002

developerWorks: Usability : Seven tricks that Web users don't know and how you can help them along. [via]

Mac OS X Interface Hall of Shame [via]

naar voren » kleine dingen groot plezier - tips voor gebruikgemak. [via/door]

August 2002

How to design a logo of letters [via webgraphics]

July 2002

Another great header image at :: Taperouge ::

Update: aha, it's actually always a random image. And they're all amazing. The one I was referring to is this cat + goldfish photo.

developerWorks: Everything I need to know about usability, I learned at the arcade [via a n t e n n a] >> Minimalist Web Project [via]

"Design" buddy by Peterned: make yourself a hip 1337 design in just 10 seconds!

June 2002

train station
previously featured here.

Dasher - interesting text input mechanism. Click 'How does Dasher work?' for a demo. [via Metafilter]

knockoff*project - album covers imitating other album covers. [via Uren.Dagen.Nachten]

May 2002

guimp: world's smallest website [via]

April 2002 interview with John Weir (designer of [via]

Itching for a redesign again... It looks pretty good in my mind already. Now to find another appropriate upside-down photo. ;)

March 2002

Nice dark greys in latest and designs.

Some interesting stuff to read at Boxes and Arrows. [via inflight correction]

logoed. logo inspiration [via a n t e n n a]

February 2002

The Elephant's Memory - a pictorial language; info here. [via plep]

Joel on Software - The Iceberg Secret, Revealed - "When you're showing off, the only thing that matters is the screen shot." [via]

January 2002

I don't really consider this a redesign (when compared to previous ones), since I only changed the background-colour and -image. You'll notice the text is positioned exactly as it was before. I mainly just wanted to get rid of the white background, couldn't stand it anymore (too bright late at night hurt eyesight).

omkat: Dutch weblog slang for 'redesign'

Kijk nou, Low Weblog verandert van naam en design...

The tyranny of 1024 x 768 [via Zeldman] in het nieuw... leuk! [via Elradonel]

December 2001 has a new design, looking niiice...

= + C = € ?

Windows XP Icons Style Guide - ooh, pretty. [via thread]

Design Rant - inspirational. [via and others]

November 2001

37signals > Design Not Found > Real World Examples of Good and Bad Contingency Design [via san630]

bank notes of the world [via san630]

BBC2 Idents old
BBC2 Idents new [via interconnected]

Update: on the same site: wallpapers!

NYTimes: Origin of the Biohazard-sign [via MeterFilta]

developerWorks: Paper prototyping [via EPiPHANY]

Bookmarklet: !XY (drag to Links-bar)

Clicking it will make current x,y-coordinates appear in statusbar when moving mouse over page. Source:

javascript:void(document.onmousemove=new Function('window.status=event.clientX+\', \'+event.clientY'))

Johnson Hardwood Floor - looks somewhat familiar. [via EPiPHANY]

October 2001

Adobe: Portrait of a Web designer
[via san630 (double referrer bonus!)]

The Interface Mafia - Chunking [via a n t e n n a]

using form elements as design

What do you think of the new look?

*cough* new design *cough*

Abandoned redesign: - de man die sneller omkat dan z'n schaduw! v4.4 weer nog mooier geworden; nu met zonder splash-page. [via Now's Leplog]

September 2001

Obey the D - cool Tenacious D poster.

meg vacation message

meg .... meg's blog

History of the CND logo, also known as the Peace sign. [via frownland]

interieur - biiig quicklist of links at

Personal Injury Warning System:
"Each symbol is based on an injury I have received, and indexed by the date that I would have benefitted from such a warning." [via mors.ante.servitium]

August 2001

Top of the Crops 2001 - alien or not, these cropcircles are beautiful. [via Low]

Searching for "old homepages", eh? Got plenty of those right here:

(Note to self: add thumbnail for tmpl_flight. D'oh!)

Ooh, pretty new design at [via Low] - Rant-central! [via]

Ah, was looking for this: The Best
[via [via]]

July 2001

Ik krijg alweer omkat-neigingen...

Comparison of Popular Online Fonts [via Low] - pretty pixely weblog design. 'Welcome visitor!' [via B@@LOG]

The Blogger Template Contest winners have been announced. [via Dithered]

The Friezlog is now table-less (with a biiig background image!). Also check out his page on Learning Foreign Languages through weblogging.

The orangey look of this template will probably get a bit nauseating some time soon... I'm thinking about scripting in the possibility of user selection of colour schemes (a la Camworld), to add some variety.

More behind-the-scenes-of-this-new-design info: The dinosaur actually consists of two image files: a 2-bit transparant gif overlayed on a subtle orange gradient. Splitting it up like this reduced the total download size by half.

I originally had the gradient dynamically sliding up and down over time (causing the dinosaur to subtly fade in and out of view), but found it to be rather annoying or at the very least distracting...

I had the orange dinosaur functioning as a big link back to the startpage, but I kept clicking him accidentally, so I removed the link. Hope nobody minds...

Here's the original photograph of the dinosaur, in case you were wondering. Also check out this snapshot taken from a slightly different angle. Luckily, the animal didn't move at all while his picture was being taken... ;)

tmpl_flight is gone, say hello to tmpl_play! Still needs a little tweaking here and there, but I just couldn't wait any longer to try it out online...

May 2001

Zou het me lukken om voor morgen nog een nieuw design in elkaar te knutselen voor de Nationale Omkatdag? Ik zie een groene layout voor me, met klein geletterde tekst, een golvende achtergrond en een lange kolom met links... maar het zal wel weer heel anders worden.

March 2001

fight club airplane leaflet

Remember that fake airplane leaflet from Fight Club? Here's a reproduction. [via Metafilter]

Evolution of Latin Characters in 173kb animated gif. [via Alt]

February 2001

Heb nog niet vaak zulke stijlvolle tekstvelden gezien als die op de ADSL MetaCrawler site, ontworpen door RikMulder. 'Background-image' wordt nog weinig gebruikt voor <input>'s.

Someone apparently felt the need to parody A disgruntled Flash-enthousiast perhaps? [via]

Abandoned redesign:

October 2000

Now that the leafy new design is up and running, I might as well list some of the new and possibly interesting features:

- Larger font-size, looking 'tiny' rather than 'extremely tiny' on the Mac this time.

- Background image is based on an actual scan of a leaf I happened to catch before it dropped to the ground.

- Again, no <table>; main text is positioned by setting margin-left and margin-top of <body>, while menu and title images are floating divs.

- Dynamic mouseover effect for menu, by changing css clip property of an overlayed div based on cursor position. Should work in IE4/IE5, NS4 and Mozilla.

- Novelty scrollbar colours (IE5.5); decreases usability but looks really neat...

Like most people, I've grown accustomed to ignoring banners, but this banner starring the Linux penguin caught my eye...

That reminds me, here's a list of 11 Linux ads and posters made for Penguin Computing: - surely one of the best uses of scanned-in burnt toast as a design element I've ever seen.

It's not quite finished yet, but anyway... here's a little preview of the new design for this site:

Sing along with Radiohead, a collection of Radiohead tracks with the vocals removed. [via kottke]

September 2000

Low updates his homepage, sort of...

More design-parody / legal-gray-area fun: rips off the non-design of Google! [via Glish]

June 2000 - weird (to me anyway) Polish site found in my What does 'fajne' mean?

And someone signed the guestbook with URL, which opened my eyes to a number of beautifully designed Polish sites, most of which are utterly incomprehensible:
- Negative Vibes
- - Wow! [via linkdup]

August 1999

Gallery of designers' desktops KALIBER10000. This is pretty neat, screengrabs of desktops from all over the world. Each one has a link to the owner's site.

June 1998

Changed mouseover-image for buttons above.