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April 2012 (continued)

Responsive CSS3 Slider Without Javascript by @teapoted

still wonder what it is about the loading of custom webfonts on some websites that causes Windows browsers to freeze for 30 seconds or more

RT @NickSherman: The Neue Haas Grotesk site is an experiment in SVG type specimens. Zoomable, prints at high res, defaults to GIFs in IE

RT @chriscoyier: Mario animation (via rapid media query changes) by @btraut

March 2012

RT @p01: JS1K Speech Synthesis - - Speaks as you type and whole sentences in 1K of JavaScript #spoiler #formant #synthesis Enjoy

RT @js1k: ♥ Philip Buchanan's submission blew me away, wow! His "Autumn Evening" portrays a beautiful sunset #js1k


a css-only (no js) mouseover animation using :hover, border-radius, transform and transition properties: presentations on

RT @jedschmidt: late in finding it, but here's the video of my @140bytes presentation at the last @jsconfeu. i had so much fun with it: -one-tweet-at-a-time-5663160

February 2012

RT @alistapart: “Did you know var π = Math.PI; is syntactically valid JavaScript?” @mathias plumbs the depths of variable naming: ^mm

RT @romancortes: 1kb rose, rotating:

RT @schill: "The tiniest GIF ever" (26 bytes vs. the typical 43.)

RT @twholman: Nick Kwiatek's has a sweet ASCII fluid systems going on here - - (wiggle the mouse around). via @nkwiatek + @ahmattox

RT @romancortes: How I made the js1k rose:

January 2012

RT @LeaVerou: If you use HTML5 and haven’t heard of @sjoerd_visscher, read @paul_irish’s article about the history of the HTML5 shiv

RT @kasthomas: Procedural textures in HTML5 canvas nvas.html

Badass Javascript 2011 year in review review

December 2011

RT @LeaVerou: Fascinating #UX @smashingmag article: @lukew rethinks the login form and comes up with very creative ideas. gning-login-forms/

RT @jeresig: New Blog Post: JavaScript as a First Language:

November 2011

Overeager js touchmove event catching is the mobile equivalent to desktop js keypress catching, in that I inevitably trigger it by accident.

Worst offender is the default blogspot mobile template, jumping to prev or next entry on the slightest horizontal touchmove.

October 2011

RT @LeaVerou: Quick #usability tip: Make disabled controls more obviously disabled with :disabled { cursor: not-allowed; }

RT @ppk: New blog post: Dart; or Why JavaScript has already won
Warning: states only the bloody obvious.

September 2011

The 3D Software Rendering Technology of 1998's Thief: The Dark Project

RT @paul_irish: Browser Market Pollution: Why IE[x] is the new IE6

also, photo series on now use smooth scroll pageup/down effect similar to my work for @nrc inbeeld

JavaScript Garden, growing collection of documentation about the most quirky parts of JavaScript programming language:

RT @paulrouget: I bought a WebOS device and went to Taiwan, what I have learned:

August 2011

How to put your logo in a QR code

July 2011

RT @mahemoff: Web Developer CVs in 2011: "I know many programming languages: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Kaffeine, Coco, Harmony, JS.Next"

Quora: HTML/JS/DOM/CSS hacks hat-most-web-developers-dont-know-about

September 2000

Nice combination of technologies: Scorched Earth, the old tank game, rewritten in PHP3/DHTML. (part of

Fisticuffs, cool flash manga animation.