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February 2012 (continued)

RT @matthewbaldwin: I'm making a playlist of songs about guys who like to cuddle. So far I have Soundgarden's "Spoonman". What else?

RT @vandenb: De man voor wie ik het klaphekje in de tram openhield deed een schreeuwtje toen ik het na zijn getreuzel tegen zijn kruis liet klaphekken.

RT @dakami: #Nerdflix. Because LOL (wow. you guys are ridiculous)

RT @repponen: iOS '86 (Retro)

RT @tomcoates: The best thing about not working at Yahoo is that you get to write Yahoo without a fucking exclamation mark after it.

RT @Glinner: In case you missed it yesterday, The Onion: 'Iran Worried U.S. Might Be Building 8,500th Nuclear Weapon'

RT @pvdp: Echte journalisten. @lexboon is hier aan de telefoon: "Ja, met Lex Boon, NRC. Waarom zijn het altijd pelikanen die bij jullie ontsnappen?"

RT @xiffy: Dag kitty

RT @typodermic: Reportedly, @RutgerHaha has seen attack ships on fire off the shoulder of @ConanObrien

January 2012

RT @ikreis: Wil iemand even zijn jas komen afgeven bij de garderobe van de schouwburg? Ik verveel me. #IFFR #vrijwilliger

RT @mcsweeneys: In Which I Fix My Girlfriend’s Grandparents’ WiFi and Am Hailed as a Conquering Hero: parents-wifi-and-am-hailed-as-a-conquering-hero

"Ten Ways to Avoid Lending Your Wheelbarrow to Anybody", by Adrian Mitchell: ng-your.html

RT @ninnx: pre-coffee brain just casually reported "pterodactyl in front of the window". to be fair it was a pretty big seagull.

jongetje tegen ander jongetje op straat: "Ik woon in de Komkommerstraat. Altijd als ik zeg waar ik woon word ik uitgelachen." #overheard

December 2011

RT @AlexanderNL: past wel mooi in het rijtje en

RT @quarkness: The new great leader Kim Yong Un

RT @simonpegg: Morning Paris, gonna spend the day looking under photo booths with Audrey Tautou and riding around on a moped at an exaggerated frame rate.

RT @hubs: What doesn't kill you makes you smaller. ~Super Mario

November 2011

IchBinKong - They live (adding eyeballs to things): (via @skwirrol) #streetart

RT @Reinier: "Two of the most important men in Dutch history.
" - rtant-men-in-dutch-history

Overheard in the bus: "Please next time get in the front door, the other door is only for stepping out." #dunglish

RT @RobHeerdink: Oxysept geeft 1 van zijn even zeldzame als briljante updates: werken voor de bank.

M83 backup vocals audition tape (via @kottke)

RT @martijn: "De termen die de komiek (@stephenfry) dan rondtweet zijn niet geschikt voor herpublicatie op deze site." 2011/11/04/Weer-noodlanding-Qantas-Stephen-Fry-aan-boord.dhtml

"...what kind of ending is it where two dudes are together on a beach": (by @waxpancake)

October 2011

RT @martenmantel: Ik zag een man lopen die zo ontzettend lang was dat hij me deed denken aan een telefoongesprek met mijn moeder.

RT @VegaSlager: Mooi spandoek bij #OccupyDamrak: "Als het klimaat een bank was, dan was het nu gered"

September 2011

RT @rolandvanveen: en weer een prachtige foto bij een wiki-lemma. Deze keer: broodje aap: (vorige keer: heup)

RT @DeReactiegraaf: "Ik wist dit en had dus gewoon eigen mayo mee."

RT @ninnx: You know, this thing where people and their pets look more and more alike? Freaky.

August 2011

RT @StewartL64: BREAKING NEWS: Libya now recognising Tottenham rioters as legitimate UK government.

July 2011

RT @mahemoff: Web Developer CVs in 2011: "I know many programming languages: JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Kaffeine, Coco, Harmony, JS.Next"

My Little Half-Life

RT @JOR_ID: Onze hond heet sinds gister Twitter. Het arme beest kwam na een boswandeling terug met 140 teken.

RT @frankisch: Daar is ie dan. De spelfout van de week. #blokker

June 2011

RT @pvdp: Typisch dat deze sms niet aankomt. -

op 24 maart 1961...

op 24 maart 1961...

January 2010

a nice roundup of QI and QI-related audio and video links at [via]

Ricky Gervais hosting the 2010 Golden Globes on Yahoo! Video

Kid Casting - You know when a movie has a flashback and you see the character as a kid? Sometimes that's awesome. [via]

Charles Fleischer insists: All things are Moleeds | Video on [via]

December 2009

The Year in Media Errors and Corrections | Regret the Error [via]

November 2009

Jason Scott - That Awesome Time I Was Sued for Two Billion Dollars [via]

Greg Knauss - An Addict is a Sad Thing

October 2009

ST(O) : If all stories were written like science fiction stories [via]

September 2009

Magweasel - Hidden messages in 8-bit japanese NES game ROMs [via]

August 2009

July 2009

Fancy People Adventures

June 2009

YouTube - Whose Line Is It Anyway? Bloopers [via]

three frames

Exclusive: The Future of Facebook Usernames - Anil Dash - MythBuster Adam Savage's Colossal Failures presentation at Maker Faire [via]

May 2009

Meme Scenery -

TIME 100 Poll vs 4chan hackers [via]

April 2009

Verkiezing: de onjuiste spatie van 2008 [via] - Earning Eternal Respect In 48 Hours The Twitter Way

tweenbots | kacie kinzer [via]

March 2009

The Official Creebobby Comics Archetype Times Table [via]

January 2009

Vimeo - "Story from North America" by Garrett Davis and Kirsten Lepore

superuseless superpowers [via] - The Remnants, in full [via] - Where The Hell Is Matt? an 'Elaborate Hoax'
[related] [via]

December 2008

I Get Your Fail - epic failures in the game development field

Christoph Niemann's illustrations about illustration [via]

Galactic Mail on Vimeo

Making The Bloody Thing Up - A quick story of magazine-making fun [via]

YouTube - Stewart Lee & Richard Herring's TMWRNJ Reunion Gig

November 2008

The Quest For Every Beard Type - Jon Dyer’s Blog

The New Adventures of Mr Stephen Fry - Don’t Mind Your Language… [via]

Watch the very first unaired pilot episode of QI!

October 2008

Brian Blessed hosts an episode of Have I Got News For You

One Sentence - True stories, told in one sentence [more] [via]

September 2008

Every Filter - applying every Photoshop filter to a single photograph [more] [via]

August 2008

Moving Image Pinewood Dialogues - Making 'The Wire' Panel [via]

Adam Savage (of Mythbusters) talks at HOPE hackers conference [via]

Internet Memes Timeline

Het Groot Instinkboek voor vertalers en ondertitelaars [via]

July 2008

Sean Tevis - Running for Office, XKCD Style [related]

the nonist - Crows and Coins [via]

June 2008

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) on Vimeo [via]

TED - Clifford Stoll: 18 minutes with an agile mind (video) [more] [via]

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