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July 2007 (continued) - infographics by Megan Jaegerman
[more] [via] - passive-aggressive notes from roommates, neighbors, coworkers and strangers [via]

huge ASCII-art curtains [via]

mechanical wooden binary marble adding machine (YouTube) [via]

Monkey Island - Der Flash Film [related] [via]

June 2007

ASCII by Jason Scott - a weblog [via]

Spy Box - a digital camera inside a parcel looks out through a small hole and captures images of its journey through the postal system

The Google Book, By V.C. Vickers, 1913

Book By Its Cover - a booklog

De Utrechtse kabouter [via]

CAMERA JAPAN, a Japanese Filmfestival, hits Rotterdam this weekend [list of films]

The Reeler - "A Hell of an Experience", interview with Leon Vitali, Stanley Kubrick's assistant [via]

The real origin of Laugh-Out-Loud Cats

May 2007

The Ward-O-Matic: An Unusual Mother's Day Gift [via]

Wikipedia - Lamest edit wars [via]

Culture Snob - a weblog

Paleo-Future - A look into the future that never was [via]

I Love Music Video - YouTube video viewer for users

Scrap book of Russian bookjackets, 1917-1942 [via] - the asia drawing portal

megamu - visualizing listening history over time [related] [related] [via]

April 2007

Blobular: an SVG experiment [info]

strange maps [via]

BLDGBLOG: The Heliocentric Pantheon: An Interview with film editor Walter Murch [via]

PIXELATOR - turning street advertising screens into an ambient flashing pixel pattern (Quicktime video) [via]

No one belongs here more than you. Stories by Miranda July [via]

23rd Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival - April 18-25, 2007 [via]

March 2007

The Criterion Contraption - watching and reviewing every DVD in the Criterion Collection [via]

WTFCNN? [via]

The Laughing Man Hacks You! - Automatically hiding human faces displayed on an image, Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex style [via]

February 2007

CR Blog - The Money Maker - interview with Ootje Okkenaar about his Dutch banknote designs [via]

Why you should be using disambiguated URLs [via]

tecznotes - polite loops in Javascript using setTimeout() [via]

Flatland: The Movie??!!!

I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER - lots of lolcats

January 2007

Observations on film art and Film Art - planimetric composition or "mug-shot framing" in films [more] [via]

NPR - Alfonso Cuaron discusses filming the six minute single-shot action scene in Children of Men

How to disable those annoying Snap linkhover website thumbnail previews that are everywhere these days [via]

YouTube - Ricky Gervais Meets Larry David [via]

Helvetica The Film - The Blog [via]

Don Park's Daily Habit - Visual Security: 9-block IP Identification, aka 'Identicons' [via]

A Conversation With Stephen Colbert - Google Video [via]

International Film Festival Rotterdam - Film Title List A-Z

Literally, A Web Log - An English language grammar blog tracking abuse of the word literally [via] - Todd's 2006 Year in Review [via]

Midnight Eye feature: The Best (and Worst) films of 2006 [via]

TV Squad - Star Trek TNG recaps by Wil Wheaton [via]

Why Super Nintendos Lose Their Color: Plastic Discoloration in Classic Machines [via]

a Simpsons-style drawing of Totoro [via]

NPR : Meet the Real Sacha Baron Cohen (audio interview)

Charlie Rose interviews Alfonso Cuaron, Guillermo del Toro & Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Google Video) [via]

Martenhoepla's Muzieklijstje der eindejaarseinde van leukste 2006-liedjes, 1 t/m 50 [via]

December 2006

The Top Ten Astronomy Images of 2006 [via]

PingMag interview: Pallalink - twisted symmetrie photographs [via]

Holland Doc: Cyberkoelies - a nice documentary about professional Chinese World-of-Warcraft goldfarmers [thnx] - pretty drawings by a variety of artists based on a common weekly theme [via]

Asiamania forum - Andere films [via]

Artworks by Thomas Keeley

Shelfari - create a virtual bookshelf to keep track of your (and your friends') books [via]

Lin Danda - a visual joke using Chinese characters [via]

How FRASIER came to be - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 [via]

Taskbar Shuffle - enables drag-and-drop rearranging of Windows taskbar buttons [via]

The full trailer for Hot Fuzz is now online! [via]

Perishable Press - Stupid .htaccess tricks [via]

Beyond3D - an investigation into the origin of Quake 3's fast InvSqrt() [via]

November 2006

New in JavaScript 1.7 - Mozilla Developer Center

YouTube - Inside Live And Let Die - The Crocodile Jump [via]

The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security [via]

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