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July 2008 (continued)

Handwritten Typographers [via] [via]

Christoph Niemann - The Boys and the Subway [via]

ContextFree.js & Algorithm Ink: Making Art with Javascript [via]

June 2008

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) on Vimeo [via]

TED - Clifford Stoll: 18 minutes with an agile mind (video) [more] [via]

June Bum Park makes video art of people and things being manipulated by giant hands [via]

May 2008

Built-in Windows Command-Line Security Tools [more] [via]

Kleine Dingen - Top 10 van mooiste namen in de filmwereld [more]

MUTO by BLU - an ambiguous animation painted on public walls [more] [via]

Coding Horror: Oh Yeah? Fork You! or why resizing the text window in Pidgin doesn't work anymore [related] [via]

Christiaan Postma - Clock [more] [via]

iRi - What Every Programmer Needs To Know About Encoding [more]

April 2008

Twinkle - split screen, nice bit of JS <canvas> hackery by P01 [related] [more]

YouTube - Salvador Dalí on What's My Line? [more] [via]

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories - Iterative Algorithmic Plastic Sculpture: Fimo Fractals and Sierpinski cookies [more] [via]

DadHacker - Donkey Kong and Me [more] [via]

All (known) Bodies in the Solar System Larger than 200 Miles in Diameter

White Glove Tracking - isolating Michael Jackson's white glove in all 10,060 frames of his nationally televised landmark performance of Billy Jean - and then visualizing the data in fun ways! [via]

collaborative crossword puzzle solving - nice example of emergent gameplay in Flickr's notes system [via]

24th Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival - from april 9th
to 20th, 2008

watch Man With A Movie Camera (1929) on Google Video - silent Russian film by Dziga Vertov, with brilliant new soundtrack by The Cinematic Orchestra [related] [via]

March 2008

Iron & Wine @ Paradiso, view the entire concert in streaming video at! offline :-( [related] Single character code block commenting [via]

PixelMachine - Building a Ray-Tracing 3D Renderer from Scratch Over a Weekend [via]

In Europa - Uitzendingen van In Europa op tv [via] Awards - Nominees [via]

February 2008

Haruki Murakami interview with GQ Korea
Offline. [via] - examples of Single Serving Sites [via]

POVRay Short Code Contest #5 - The animation round!
[related] [related] [via]

Game Mod - graphic design students tweak the output of the game Breakout, using Processing [related] [via]

Freedom to Tinker - New $2B Dutch Transport Card is Insecure [via]

Beirut - The Flying Club Cup - live one-take street performances of every track of the album [related] [via]

January 2008

Helvetica, documentary about typography and design, now viewable in its entirety on Google Video! [related] [via]
Update: oops, it's offline now :(

YouTube - Sia Furler at KCRW Radio, October 24, 2007

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2008 - Programme [via]

Best Freeware Games of '07 [via]

December 2007

Director File - Ten Best Music Videos of 2007 [related] [via]

Martenhoepla - Liedjes van 2007 met leuk en een clip [via]

Catmonsters and Friends

Flickr introduces global and per-photo access statistics and referrer(!) listings for Pro users. Yay! [related]

Language Log: The Etiology and Elaboration of a Flagrant Mistranslation [via]

Ask MetaFilter - Tales of Hacker Folklore [via]

Blogotheque: Take Away Shows! lots of videos of live performances on the streets of Paris [via]

Hanzi Smatter analyzes the (poor) katakana usage in Kanye West's Stronger video [via]

November 2007

distellamap by Ben Fry - visualizations of Atari 2600 game code [related] [related]

waterlollies - flash animation by Adam Phillips [more] [via]

Spanning en sensatie in Polen via Twitter [via]

Pixelsumo - Playing with cubes [via]

Polyglot Vegetarian: Hangul Day [via]

Google Video - How to turn a sphere inside-out [via]

Ricoh has announced the GR DIGITAL 2!!
[related] [related] [via]

ASCII by Jason Scott: The Render Junkie - about the early days of raytracing [via]

October 2007

the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks [via]

AnandTech - The LCD Thread

Naar Voren over Schaalbaarheid van PHP-applicaties

MASH - A Film by Gabe Morford and Mike Martin (Flash video)


Far Outliers - Etymologically, Myanmar = Burma [related] [via]

Ricoh Forum [via]

September 2007

NPR - Live Music from the Film Once [via]

Stephen Fry - Let Fame [via]

Twitch - It's The TIFF 2007 Round Up! [via] : TIFF 2007 highlights [more]

Lou Romano - The Powerpuff Girls backdrop art [more] [via]

Josh Keyes - Paintings and Drawings

Fray to be relaunched as a quarterly printed book [related] [via]

Wikipedia - Lucius Caecilius Iucundus

MarkovFilter is an application that parses (random samples of) a [Metafilter user's] comment history and creates a new comment via an elegant probabilistic model known as Markov Chains.

The Turning Gate: The Korean soundWave - introductions and mp3 links for a whole bunch of Korean bands

August 2007

Tunes for Days - Songs for inspirational purposes [via]

TYGER - a short film

July 2007

200 Bad Comics [more] [via]

a map of planet Earth, inversed [via]

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