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October 2001 (continued)

Listening to Sepultura < Pavarotti - Roots Bloody Roots. Wow!! [via Martijn]

September 2001

Daft Punk Lyrics - Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Jonne Valtonen, aka Future Crew's Purple Motion, still making music, fortunately for us.
[via ... i forget...]

Check out Jonne's official site at

Also: try out some of the mp3s on that same site.

the face of aphex - Creepy. There are hidden images in Aphex Twin's Windowlicker, viewable when analyzing the cd with a spectrogram. Also see this screenshot here. [via]

Track 1 - Kaneda - It translates as follows: "Arashi - Storm", "Gareki - Rubble", "Honoo - Fire", "Hahen - Broken pieces"...

August 2001

WinAmp's Ctrl-V delayed-stop option means you can leave a room with music playing...

July 2001 heeft sinds vanochtend een boel nieuwe forums (en een mooi forum-overzicht)!

Moby Tour Diary [via EM2k1]

Downloaded several randomly selected drum 'n bass mp3s via Limewire last night. Turns out one of the files is an 89MB 1-hour long registration of a 'triple tag team' session between Dieselboy, Dara and AK1200. Yowza!
(note: I have no idea who any of these people are.)

June 2001

MODs in memoriam - great collection of classic, rare or overlooked .mod music files 1988-1998. [via thinner's link page]

Thinner - minimalistic techno mp3s. [via Orange Juice]

Ogg Vorbis - alternative to the mp3 audio compression scheme. Winamp plugin here, samples here. [via the null device]

January 2001

Arling & Cameron - leuke Flash intropagina...

8 out of 8, wow. [via prol]

October 2000

It's not quite finished yet, but anyway... here's a little preview of the new design for this site:

Sing along with Radiohead, a collection of Radiohead tracks with the vocals removed. [via kottke]