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April 2006 (continued)

madurodam ice5

madurodam ice3
chinese tourists looking at a dutch windmill built by chinese ice sculptors at a dutch themepark

madurodam ice1

Duisburg Silberpalais

shadow kickboxing
the ancient chinese art of shadow kickboxing

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office light

bar lights



passing train

passing train
deze vind ik zelf erg mooi...

crossing weena bw

rooftop photography fun

rooftop photography fun

March 2006


Hamburg hbf6

Hamburg hbf5

Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Altona statue
opposite view of 3562.


February 2006

chinese new year in rotterdam, part 2

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wooden path

chinese new year in rotterdam

chinese new year

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January 2006

IFFR day 6

Seen today:
Shanghai Dreams
La Perrerra
Langer Licht
One of the best things about this showing was the Q&A with director David Lammers afterwards, which was definitely the funniest and most enthousiastic I've seen yet.
NEXT: A Primer On Urban Painting
I wasn't expecting to vote 5-out-of-5 on a documentary this week, but I did today. This film is simply dripping with awesomeness; the first one I'm seriously considering attending a second time. Packed with so much inspirational and original and varied art and design from all over the world - all set to great music of course. Highlights: the trek deep into a cave below the Paris underground to find tags from the 19th century, the ninja-like Tokyo speed-taggers, and the pleasure of seeing the PIPSlab 3D lightsigs on a giant cinema screen.

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IFFR day 5

Seen today:
Clear People
Basically a collage of scenes and sounds in and around an apartment complex, emphasis more on the surroundings than on the people. Lots of interesting shots that made me wish the picture quality/resolution was better.
Linda Linda Linda
Probably the movie I had the highest expectations for, and though it started a little slow, I was not disappointed. Lots of very funny moments, some subtle, some not so subtle but not at all as slapstick-y as I was fearing. With a great soundtrack (highlight: a version of Happy End's 風来坊 by 湯川潮音). My new favourite.
Black Brush
Since Ode to Joy was sold out I went to this one instead, which turned out to be very funny and entertaining. With a very cool occasional thumping soundtrack-beat by the director's brother, that I wish would occur even more often during the film.
Beautiful Chilean film. Reminiscent of Amélie in parts, though far less fantastical. Another definite favourite.
Look for Me (short)

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IFFR day 3

pathé nightshot
Didn't have anything planned for today (most interesting films were sold out and most non-sold-out films didn't seem interesting), but decided at the last minute to attend the Nagasaki Shunichi interview in the Schouwburg, which inspired me to go and see his Heart, Beating in the Dark (new version), which turned out to be pretty good.

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IFFR vipspotting

Tony Rayns, Nagasaki Shunichi, translator guy and Mizushima Kaori at the Q&A after Wild Side/After That, all completely blinded by the stage lights, unable to see who in the audience wanted to ask a question.

Films seen on my first day at the festival:
The Lost Hum
Having to wait for 30 minutes until the "technical difficulties" with the projector were solved made this seem a very long sitting, but still an impressive unusual and original film.
The first and only Iraqi film I've ever seen, and it's a great one... Shot with mostly non-actors in various very photogenic locations in and outside of Baghdad, all the more amazing after hearing the director talk about how the crew itself had (and has) to deal with threats and kidnappings as well.
The Magicians (short)
Very moving 40 minute story filmed in one single continuous shot by Song Ilgon (three films of whom appear in my best-of-2005 list).
Haze (short)
Shinya Tsukamoto's amazingly intense vision of claustrophic hell, painful to watch at times but still left me wanting for more. Looking forward to seeing the extended 49 minute version.
Worldly Desires (short)
After That
The first Nagasaki film I saw, apparently one of his most inaccessible (or so Tony Rayns warned). A behind-the-scenes documentary with very poor picture and sound quality, the first half is difficult to sit through, but the second half gets quite funny and exciting as the filmcrew secretly trails the girlfriend of one of the actors through Tokyo.
Wild Side (short)

Somewhere in Delft, April 2005

December 2005

a little afternoon rooftop guitar playing

soundtrack: José González - Heartbeats

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Konijntje Snoepfles

Yes, this is a 12m high inflatable green plastic bunny. Quite a sight to pass on my way to work every morning. More info...

November 2005

dual camera action

dual camera action
november 2004

Peekaboo - Low kat weer eens om, letterlijk dit keer.

office windows at night

office windows at night

October 2005

on the roof

on the roof

September 2005

binnenhof horses


sunny path

August 2005

fixing the light

fixing the light

rotterdam signs

rotterdam signs